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Another component tester - MG328 - Test / Review / Opinion

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  • And will it measure the inductance of 10-100uH chokes or show them as resistors?
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    Inductance measurement range 0.01mh-20H, otherwise it will appear as a resistor, coil DC resistance is higher than if Europe 2100 will also be displayed as a resistor.

    This is what the description of "majfrjenda" says, unfortunately I do not have a drawer with coils with known parameters to compare.
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    Hello, it would be appropriate to test whether the meter measures inductance. As many of us somehow deal with the measurement of C / ESR, my intuition tells me that a group of colleagues struggle with the measurement of L, in any case I would be most interested in this function of the meter.
    Another thing is the matter of measuring electrolytes without desoldering, it is interesting if the measurement error is so small that it can be determined whether C is good / damaged.

    best regards
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    Sorry, my oversight. I was sure I included a picture of the coil measurement.
    I added in the first post.
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    There has been this device for some time and I am very happy with it.
    I desoldered the socket for the 14500 battery and soldered the 18650 cell directly to the board. The length fits perfectly. It does not protrude beyond the outline of the pcb.
    I also designed a simple casing for 3d printing and inserted a quick coupler. I recommend it, quite a useful device.
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    Does the device work properly while charging? Does this have any effect on the results?
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    The tester works from a converter which increases the voltage to 5V from the battery. Whatever it is, so charging that increases the voltage on the cell does nothing wrong.
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    I am curious what is this inverter (what circuit)? Is there a schematic of this version of the tester somewhere?