Man TGX 480 euros 6 - Error codes

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    I need help - the Adblue system failure message and the following active errors light up in the car

    EDC 2 04547-02
    SCR 505022-01
    SCR 505556-10
    and TCU 4x but passive
    This is all there is currently nothing more.

    I still have a question if I am in danger of limiting my power in this case?
    Thank you
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    SCR 505556-10; return line blocked (NONOX). 505022 - 01; supply voltage too high (NONOX). As for the EDC error, I did not find such code in this driver. You won't have a power limit in mana.
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    Therefore, I will check the edc error code again if I have pasted any error rewriting.
    Ps. Any tips on where to start solving this problem?
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    Replace the return hose with a larger diameter (available), measure the voltage at NONOX. It's best to see a mechanic who understands this. To the EDC error he can inform about the wrong composition of the exhaust gases (NONOX didn't work for you).
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    The EDC fault code means that AdBlue dosing is interrupted, the power limit occurs when the creep mode is activated, the vehicle itself will travel about 20 km \ h. Euro 6 and nonox are not Euro 5 here, depending on the occurrence of the fault is much more.
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    Thank you for the tips but I have to point out that Adblue is coming out of the tank - this edc code lights up and sometimes the whole day there is no message
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    To correctly locate the cause of the fault you should know:
    - what number does the nonox module have (to be able to determine if the module will undergo a rinsing step if necessary)
    - what is the air test pressure
    - what is the air efficiency?
    - what amounts the module dispenses in the test
    - what is the working pressure
    - how the nozzle works
    the reason for blocking the dosing system is even a large amount of tanked AdBlue urea (above 100%)
    after all the repair you should do the appropriate tests and reset the system and OBD
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    Each module will undergo a rinsing process - here it depends when it returns to error - man exchanges at codes 5038 and 5556 - the pump according to the next serial number ....
    Even after replacing around the membrane in the middle of the pump, the adblue can crystallize further - a few months ago I opened the pump and started one of the membranes - it works today.
    In 99%, if someone in the service does not know you have to replace the pump plus the cable with your error may also be associated with the error of frequent filling the tank, i.e. not allowing abdlue level to drop to 25% or below and to reserve the reserve. Frequent refilling of adblue a few liters.
    You fill up with fuel, and the adblue only comes on when the reserve lamp lights up.
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    That's right MAN mentions the warranty for Nonox modules by serial numbers, however, it is not entirely related to crystallization and not knowing the problem, as you say, The module you spit out may still be blunt (first serial numbers).
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    I wrote above that it can be recrystallized.
    I do not understand not knowing the problem? We are trying to help my colleague what you wrote above as much as possible.
    However, Man has given guidelines with diagrams - algorithms for dealing with errors indicated by the computer.
    It is clearly shown - what you have to do -
    I open my printed book, error number, like a child in a line, or checking the injector if a clogged change to a new one or a change in the cable.
    If the two printscreen errors described above check the pump number - the tip is correct - replace the cable.
    Here we give hints after all, the author of the topic will not buy a bag with the inscription man to check how the pump inflates it with air.
    He won't buy a sour bottle and stick it on the back of the cabin - you can do the connection with a transparent tube, disconnect the air and give warm water at a pressure of 6 to 12bar and fire the tab in man cats. I do it everyday on the site, but I give advice on how the peasant should approach to save a few thousand zlotys at home because Man does not know how for a customer who does not service the car or will take this action under warranty. For me it doesn't matter I go to the warehouse and take the pump I exchange and the customer goes and does not return - I just had a quiet period at work and let myself open the pump to clean these 3 membranes inside and then of course they were not recommended for replacement by the mana pump that was lying already in the container for return to the headquarters - but another place went to it so there was no problem with the number two it was before their exchange action which came into force at least with us as I remember well about a year I write about because I do not remember exactly.
    The system is simple and almost maintenance-free - a float tank that also hangs and needs to be started or replaced - also an error and limitations.
    Return line flushing or replacement.
    Pump and small filterek at the entrance.
    Metal hose or injection.
    There are no filters to replace on the service - a decent diagnosis 1.5 hours. I am writing about delivering the adblue fluid to the pump and feeding it to the injection - sensor monitoring plus a clogged dpf is not moved here.
    Ps not knowing the problem? If you thought buddy that it is absolutely not for you.
    If I study hard, I study everyday.
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    That's right you are right, of course I understand that you are trying to help .. costs are not small when exchanging. What you described the procedure it came in when there were problems with the first nonox modules, hence the change in serial numbers in which many things have been improved, including control strategy. Currently, with problems of nonoxa in the modules with the latest numbers, a rinsing is carried out, which brings the result and not as in the previous ones when it only gave a moment and the fault returned. In other faults, the software data is changed. Will MAN take action under the warranty when the customer does not service, no more, when the service refinances in most cases about 80% when but it depends on how much time has passed after the warranty and several other things.
    PS I also work on the site in one of the factory TC.