Philips Smart TV PUS8303 / 12 on Android with blocked content HBOGO

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    A few days ago I bought a LED TV Philips 55PUS8303 / 12 with Android. Technically, I do not have any serious reservations about this TV, but I was very surprised to block the HBOGO application in the Google Play Store. Actually, it is not blocked, but does not appear in the search engine on the TV, which eventually comes to one because it can not be installed.
    Online content from the hbogo site is also blocked from the browser level. So even after logging into the hbogo site, watching movies is impossible.

    It is not a matter of technical defect of a particular copy because during a telephone conversation with a Philips customer support employee I received information that I am not an isolated case and more and more customers complain about a similar problem. "This is company policy"
    It's a pity, because again, the company's policy is not going hand in hand with the client's good,

    Many translate the white centrally placed button on the TV plot with the NETBLIX word - but it gave me the opportunity to send it after the fact when the TV hung on the wall.

    Q: is there any way how to deal with the described problem - the more sharp I immediately answer that TV replacement is not an option! -
    once I have this TV and access to HBOGO I would like to take advantage of it.
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    Install the KODI app - then you can easily find the HBO plugin (and hundreds of others) from its level.
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    It's a bit of fun with it, but once you get it in the beginning, it's already downhill with other plugs :) Thus, you cut yourself off from the whims of the producer regarding the availability of plugins - it is easier to click on one button on the remote control than to launch the KODI, but something for something.