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[Solved] The DNS server is not responding, Windows 10

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    Good morning,
    I have an internet problem for some time (WiFi). I can not connect to the network and the troubleshooter returns a message like in the title. Previously, it helped to set the IP rigidly (until I tried to connect to another network, then I went back to the old one), and then restoring Windows to the initial settings (Win10). Even this does not help now. I set the DNS rigidly according to the instructions from the Internet ( and, it did not help. I tried ipconfig / release and ipconfig / renew for nothing. I say in advance that I do not know about the equipment, that's why I can not give you the exact configuration (it would be necessary to tell exactly where I should look). The problem is with the laptop, Atheros AR9002WB-1NG network card. Already, I once brought a computer for service in this matter, you said that "he connects to the wifi" and I went on the idiot. Will it help change the network card? Can I try something else?
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    Thank you for your response. I enclose the results with inSSIDer (I do not know if it is well done, because there was no instruction in the thread), WinMTR and console. Speedtest did not start because I do not have access to the internet ;-)
    The DNS server is not responding, Windows 10 The DNS server is not responding, Windows 10
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    Network and Internet specialist
    Your network works like a few others on channel No. 11 - please change the channel to, for example, 1, 6 in the router.
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    In fact, the change of the network channel has helped (although there were also problems with access to the Internet on another channel). Thank you.