Toya Cisco EPC3925: Change/Check WiFi Password, Provider Login Issues & eBOA Settings

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    Hello, how to change or check the wifi password on the Cisco epc3925 router? the supplier is Toya. I can't log in to the router because the provider is loading its settings. There is no option to change the wifi password settings in eBOA. The only option to get into the router is to reset it with a hub cable, but later it doesn't connect to the network. A similar situation as for the Vectra supplier.
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    - in Windows, press WINDOWS + R
    - in the window that appears, type CMD and press ENTER
    - a BLACK terminal will appear in it, type: ipconfig and press enter

    you are interested in:
    Default gateway: 1xx.16x.1.1

    - you open the web browser and in the ADDRESS WINDOW !! enter: http: // your gateway address /

    The END
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    @CoRReK And what next?
    Access to the admin panel is blocked by the provider, besides you told the Author only to check the IP address.
    @ maluchdriv3r The only option is to put Cisco on your own AP that you can manage.
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    I had 3 these (epc3925) modems from UPC and 1 from TOYA in each :) Admin Admin

    that's why I speak :)

    The router behind the modem-router (epc3925) is an additional cost and problems for a layman who cannot enter the address on the sticker from the bottom of the router!

    so much in the subject.
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    @CoRReK It was.
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    It was. WiFi can probably be managed through eBOA. I recommend connecting your equipment and possibly filling out a request for a public address.