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Orlen Platinum oil - Opinions - is it worth it or not?

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    I last supported the valves in my car, I had in vr6 vw, but there it was caused by a known problem with the wear of the oil pump control valve and the oil pressure after putting in the burner on a cold around 10bar, probably if I poured "water", the effect would actually disappear / masked, but would it be good for the engine?
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    The seal went, and then, when the Opel sheet metal was falling down, it was to the Jew, from what I knew, another year, the guys tortured him until the review

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    Everything is beautiful and nicely refineries make good oil and the packaging is just a detail, nobody knows where the oil comes from, it is mass production, so who knows where the oil was produced, it will go to different bottling plants and the origin is from one factory anyway. The same happens with automotive parts and packaging from different companies and comes from one factory
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    The mechanic got me the engine pouring Shell. So what? Should I say Shell to doopy? No, he poured the oil he had in a large barrel. Also, let's not generalize. It is now perfectly feasible to produce oil that meets the standards, even in Orlen.
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    lukaszmech wrote:
    I flooded my 10w40 GM 2.0 DTH diesel when I disassembled the shell engine as new, nothing worn and I flew 100,000. on him. Mostly they will break down

    You flew 160 km / h on autobans to the Netherlands, or pulled 1.5 tons of trailers, if not 100kkm for diesel, it is a spit.
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    100 thousand I did and its mileage on the meter 220 thousand. when I bought it although I think it was withdrawn because it was fresh from Germany without a service book
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    Hello. I will not convince you which is better. Buying the alpha 156 1.9 jtd 116KM without FAP (120 thousand) I switched to semisynt. Orlen. Exchange every 10-12 thousand. I was selling at the counter 285 thousand. No refills between replacements, a reduction of about 2-3 mm on the dipstick. No interference with the engine or turbine (only blinded EGR). Fuel about 5.6 L / 100. only from reputable stations, including Orlen. I did such a test last winter. After a night of approx. -12?C, start immediately without waiting for candles. He fired a bit longer 1-2 "than with heating, so the motor was in great condition. With heating it is a maximum of two revolutions of the shaft. If the oil was rubbish it would not be so good. Anyone who wants to, let him draw conclusions. Greetings. Wiesław.