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Rules for beginners - electrical

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    Moderator- Installation and Networks
    Dear Sirs,

    In connection with the creation of the electrical part of forum for everyone and mainly for people who are not strictly connected with the electricity below we present a list of rules prevailing in this forum.

    A few important rules to maintain order in the forum:

    1. We assume at least a minimum of knowledge in the scope of the question posed, as well as protection against electric shock and health and safety during work, starting with the topic in the "Beginners" section. We also do not give advice on the design of the installation but we give advice on checking the project.

    2. Topics and statements regarding: bypassing safeguards that pose a risk of electric shock or illegal consumption of electricity will be removed. That is why there are safeguards to protect human health and life.

    3. Write messages understandably and in accordance with the rules of the English language - you will be treated more seriously, and other users will be more willing to help you.

    4. Safeguards never dumped, struck and knocked out. They can trigger, turn off or work.

    5. We care about the appropriate level of discussion and professionalism. We provide advice consistent with the technical rules and safety rules.

    6. In this section the effects of the actions taken in order to diagnose the fault / damage should be provided.

    7. In matters not covered in this subject the Regulations of the Elektroda forum shall apply.


    For those who ask (and in particular assume a topic):

    1. When presenting the problem make sure you send all available information.

    In general information such as:
    a) Network system (available in the connection agreement - technical connection conditions) - available: TT, TN, IT;
    b) Value and type of protection (for example: fuse gG 16A, overcurrent breaker (MCB) B10A);
    c) Type of power supply cables and number of wires (for example: aluminum / copper, three-core / two-core cables).
    d) Technical documentation (for example: installation design, schematics, and others).
    This will facilitate the conversation and improve the process of problem verification. Of course not all of these data correspond to each topic and can not always be easily found hence if you are not sure whether they fit the topic it is worth writing. If the users indicate in the subject that there is no important information it should be completely refilled.

    2. Do not demand. You have a problem not us so basically the request is sufficient.

    3. Paste photos.

    Remember! if you have a problem with some element instead of creating multi-page descriptions it is better to insert a picture with a short description. Two or three at the outset will be enough when we need more you will know for sure.

    4. Check available topics by search engine.

    If you have found a similar problem with the lack of answer or the answer does not solve the problem let us know - we will remove the topic.

    For responders:

    1. Do not duplicate objectless responses.

    1.1 Do not write in the form "it was mentioned already, use the search option" or "it was already many times on the forum", paste the topic from the search engine which in your opinion solves the problem.
    1.2 Do not write in the form "you do not know, why you are writing?", "We do not know anything, the discussion is pointless". Just ask for additional information.
    1.3 Do not present dissatisfaction with the content or moderation activities contained in the topic in your reply.
    If you meant a different understanding of the answer in the subject, and the users that responded misunderstood you then correct the information or ask for the moderator's action.
    For the moderation activities there is an official form of reporting a problem that is not part of the general forum discussion.

    2. It is unacceptable in principle to present contempt or superiority of the answer in your post (this also applies to the questioners).

    If you have any knowledge share it and if you do not want to do not discuss it.
    Answers like: "you do not know", "you should know", "it is simple" or similar trying to prove ignorance to the author or the corresponding user will be removed and / or treated by forum general rules (according to the general regulations forum electrode - points 3.1 .11 and 3.1.17.).

    3. Answering try to direct it to the AUTHOR of topic and not the next discussants.

    Please do not reply, criticize or discuss with the corresponding users in the subject (this does not apply to the author). If you disagree with someone's statement, then present your arguments in a way that answers AUTHOR. Presentation of content unrelated to the author's question, negating the information contained in the content of posts of other users (corresponding to the topic) in a way that duplicates the number of posts without response to the author will be resolved by by deleting a part of the topic that is unrelated or partly related to the author's response.
    Remember that you can always contact with the moderator via report, service message or PM.

    4. Try not to refer to "uncle google" and other search engines unrelated to the forum.

    Present knowledge, or paste materials, do not write posts on the principle "and there were no googles?". It is permissible to paste didactic materials from search links in google or another search engine.

    5. Warn of the dangers of electricity!

    Present possible threats or difficulties related to the issue of the author. Describe the dangers and ways to avoid them.

    6. Explain problems!

    The most important point of the entire rules.
    In response to the author a possible solution should be presented or a reference to the description, instructions, picture, which solves the problem . It is unacceptable to reply in a form that bypasses the thread or problem and stating that the author can not handle it.

    The author did not enter the forum to call an electrician :)
    However, call for an electrician is always the best option.
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