Cottage monitoring - what to buy? What recorder, cameras and other?

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    Hello. At the beginning I wanted to say hello to everyone because this is my first post.
    I want to mount monitoring of my property. Single-family house standing in the middle of the plot 20-25 m to the border in each direction. Ultimately, 5-6 cameras will be installed under the roof soffit. Due to the limited budget of PLN 2000, I can now buy 2 cameras, a recorder, a POE switch and an HDD disk.
    I chose such equipment so I am asking for opinions whether it is worth investing in these elements or whether it is worth buying something else.
    Recorder: Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 K2207 without POE
    Camera: Hikvision IP DS-2CD2143GO-I (2.8mm) 4MPX IR or Hikvision DS-2CD2143GO-IS WDR AUDIO or Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I (2.8 or 4mm)
    Swich POE - I don't know what to ask for, (8-channel)
    Thank you in advance for all suggestions.
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    As for WD Purple, I personally can't say a bad opinion ...
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    Some say it's not WD purple but BCS / Dahua but I don't have a comparison here - 90% of installations on BCS.
    Anyway, how I use BLACK was ok
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    Thanks in advance for your interest and valuable advice. The lighting conditions in which the equipment will work is currently not the best because the street is not illuminated and I don't have neighbors behind the fence from which my area could be illuminated with their decorative lighting. I thought so, that I am willing to mount halogen with a motion detector near each camera. It would then improve the quality of the recorded image. The cameras will be max 6 pcs because they are used to camera the whole area around the house. I want cameras to see partly the building's facades and the nearest area up to 15-20m. I want cameras to have motion detection. I don't have an alarm yet.
    Since the recorder I chose has too weak parameters to attract these cameras, then what you propose at reasonable prices, unless after illuminating the area with halogen lights you could use a lower quality camera. I'm a fellow in this topic so it's difficult for me to choose the right devices with cool parameters. Greetings.
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    It is not that the parameters are too low - just those cameras you have chosen will not be released at the maximum settings. If you set everything to the max, you can fully handle 5 cameras.
    If you do not need each of the 25 fps cameras or you do not set the highest resolution, I think it can do it. Expansion of the system also probably will not go straight away and in 3-4 years it will probably turn out that such recorders as your chosen ones go on drugs for PLN 100 - 130.
    as mentioned above - motion detection is used to save disk space and to easier search for events.
    Halogen lighting has a deterrent effect on intruders, but the camera usually does not see immediately after changing the lighting conditions, so as colleagues mentioned above, an infrared heater is a better idea (I think).
    Of course, there is one golden rule in IP - "one manufacturer, I don't believe in ONVIF" may not apply to "transparent" elements for switch networks, but a camera with a recorder is a must.

    As for lighting:
    Maybe it is worth considering a hybrid with AHD / HDCVI / turboHD or something like that - look for tests of the camera of your choice from the night
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    Gentlemen. The image from the ds-2cd2135fwd-i camera is already satisfying. But the difference in price between 2135 and 2143 on the popular auction site is a difference of PLN 20 so not much. Both have only one implementation 3 and the other 4 megapixels. Maybe to unload the recorder, however, it is worth buying 2135 cameras because the difference in the image may be small. I am aware that the budget I have does not knock on my knees and the equipment is no longer the latest generation. That is why I am looking for a compromise between quality and price.
    PS. I'm wondering how much ready kits are worth for al ...... with 8 kameramiza 1200 PLN. Probably not many.
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    from what I see I would take this 2143 -
    Frame Rate:
    50Hz: 25fps (2688 1520, 2560 1440, 2304 1296, 1920 1080)
    60Hz: 30fps (2688 1520, 2560 1440, 2304 1296, 1920 1080)
    here 2135 has max 12.5 frames in max resolution, sometimes it is not enough
    what cash can you give the composition of what you mean?
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    I do not want to quote specific sets here because there are many of them on "alledrogo". These are sets with much worse parameters than we are talking about here. At the moment I buy these 2143 cameras 2 pcs and see what the effect will be.
    Colleagues, can you give me a specific Poe switch model?