Saba sbc32fh when it lights up it remains on the logo

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    Mark: saba
    Model: sbc32fh
    Chassis (main board, components): TPSIS231.PT851
    LCD Screen/Panel (if exist):
    More informations:

    Hello to all
    I have a saba tv in the lab that gets stuck in the SABA logo.

    After that it restarts for a while. When it remains on, it cannot be turned off except by removing the plug from the socket.

    I read that it is possible to write eeprom 25Q64 to work again or to put a new integrated one.

    I can't find the firmware for my model only similar of TPSIS231.PT851.
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    Hi, post a photo of the label on the back of the appliance and the serial number.
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    I wonder if it will be appropriate to change it for a new one.
    The tv is working perfectly for now, problem solved.
    Thank you.
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    I think it is not worth changing equipment, now advise the following, reset the equipment factory and save the data from eproom. You may need to recover the card in the future.