LTE Plus Internet, Very poor performance.

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    Hello. I have the same problem with Plus internet. Roof antenna wifi in the house
    LTE for 3 lines. Antenna mounted about 8 meters above the ground. I moved it to the chimney because I thought it was poor. It works so poorly that I can't do a speed test, the speed downloaded on the 12-25kbps modem page. When I started the youtube movie, it reached 600kbps

    I will add that I am not an IT specialist and I do not understand the launch of this LTEWatch program

    I am asking for any suggestions.

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    If you have a huawei router then you can play LTEWatch, otherwise you can approach something using Network Cell Info. In general, LTE in the netflix era is a misunderstanding.
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    I have an IDU-200 router and the one on the roof is an ODU-200 external modem