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"Canbus" on the radio, what is it

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    Hello, I have a radio with Android9, some functions on the display do not work. The seller told me to do a restart but nothing helped, then he told me in the options in the settings, it will probably be in the canbus settings section as "air condition". What is this canbus. Some kind of application, but I don't have any on the radio. Whether to update the android to a newer or just it does not matter. I'm green on these things. Regards
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    CAN BUS - Communication bus in cars:

    Enter the type of radio, maybe someone will know something more.

    Added after 2 [minutes]:

    And maybe the car in which the radio is supposed to go, maybe it needs to be connected to the car (like a dedicated radio)
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    So a radio dedicated to a specific car model. In the description there is "OBD cooperation option" and now a horse with a row of who will guess whether it is or not :) but you have to look in the radio settings to see what setting options are available and if you can choose something to work with the car. And I understand that you mount it to the Honda as described in the seller description :)
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    Canbus in this case is an additional device connected to the radio at the rear. Unfortunately, nothing is written about it in the description of your auction. See more expensive models and add CANBUS there. Once you have it, everything will work. Cooperation with OBD takes place via the OBD Bluetooth interface, which also needs to be purchased. Then we have the basic parameters of the car on the radio, error reset, etc.
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    Gentlemen, I have a problem, I bought a Chinese radio with a built-in can for a caddy 2013. And the thing is that the radio fires for a moment after the key, works for a few seconds and turns off ...

    Anyone had such a case?
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    Audiopol serwis1
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    Paste the photo of the station and this canbox.
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    There is no CAN module in this station for Accorda 7, if the station is really compatible with this model, it should have air conditioning on the touch panel, just like the original unit with navi, The air conditioning is controlled from the radio via the B-CAN bus, it is This is done via the touch screen and the standard air-conditioning control panel with buttons on the console
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    You won't do anything without it.
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it
    Read my topics about SU Chinese Radio, everything written there.

    Added after 8 [minutes]:

    Start by checking if you have Can L and CanH cables for Can communication.
    In mine, there was simply no these cables, only soft on the radio was uploaded.
    In these topics of mine, I described the connection from az (probably everything is given on the tray).
    This module translates Can radio on Android with a car controller.

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    When you buy a radio, you need to check if it has Can control and if it is complete with a can-bus adapter.
    This is the only module that works with Chinese radios on Android that I know, except for the dedicated ones with the radio.

    KEY control also described.

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    From the principle of Chinese radio power supply to Can

    Added after 5 [minutes]:

    If you want to have DAB + on Chinese Android Radio, order something like in the topic below.
    I ordered this set and I started the topic for a while, it will take a while.

    Added after 27 [minutes]:

    In Android 8.1, factory settings / enter the code / set the Can control, if the radio has one and a can-bus adapter must be available.

    And this is the Can-bus adapter for the Honda radio, e.g.
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    1. We check if our car has Can control signals in the connector for the radio.
    2. We are looking for the best replacement for the original Chinese can-bus radio with Android on the market. (complete with cables and dedicated can-bus).
    3. We mount the radio, all plugs should match. We do not combine here, since we bought a dedicated radio, we send something wrong.
    4 Set the Can communication in the radio menu (if necessary, make changes in the computer's car controller, it is unlikely that such a need will be needed).

    The can bus adapter is used for correct communication of the radio (such a signal translator) with the car's computer. In this case, Chinese radio on android with a car.

    Note: the adapter and cable harness for radio mounting purchased separately can exceed the cost of the radio. We don't buy a radio without Can support.
    Several reasons:
    Without Can, we will not have goodies such as reading the battery voltage, engine temperatures and many other goodies, etc.
    Installing the radio without a can can cause problems in the car, the lack of the original radio can cause problems in the car's computer driver, the driver will detect it. This often results in the car's computer driver reporting an error (the effects, apart from the failure indication, depend on the car type).
    There is a way to cheat the computer, then you should use the Can radio emulator, not to be confused with the Can-bus adapter.
    (installing such an emulator Can cheat the car's computer and simulate the presence of the original radio).
    Chinese radios are without Dab + (it's such a new VHF of better quality) in dedicated radios they add such a module in the cable harness.
    The question of controlling the KEY remains. This is a good thing that new cars have in the steering wheel with the help of this radio control.
    Chinese dedicated radio will have the appropriate harnesses to connect the KEY to the existing control in the car.
    Dab + module and additional Key control can be purchased separately.
    When we count all these gadgets and functions, such a fully equipped radio does not cost less than about 1000 PLN.
    Chinese Android radio 300-700PLN (with Can control) add Dab + 120PLN up to 200PLN add additional Key control 100PLN add a bundle of cables with a Can-bus adapter up to 300PLN. Count how many comes out.
    The dedicated radio has all the described modules included (Can Adapter Can-Bus Dab + and a bundle of connection cables 100% matching with the Key)

    Send this radio back, if you have such a possibility, since it does not include what I described, otherwise you are just producing - your decision.
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    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it

    And the situation is such that in the key position "0" the radio works, after turning to "1" and the engine is running, the radio turns off.
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    Bassic, you pack a Chinese radio without a Can bus adapter, do you want it to work with can? - It will not work.

    And you checked the radio power supply, how are you connected in relation to the signals from the car beam? -You obviously failed.
    You have the schedule on the radio sticker and the car sockets in Google, just enter the car model and you have it.

    You didn't even bother to read the links above where and how the radio power works - that's where I described how to connect the power supply.

    Until you knock this lesson, you won't do it.
    The radio and without the CAN-BUS adapter will work if you connect the power correctly.

    There is an option that sometimes you need to reprogram the controller in the car, but when you have the can properly connected and communicated with the Can-bus adapter.

    And you don't have a Can-bus adapter and you're looking for a hole in the whole - I can't see it in the photo.

    Read these links what I posted, and there he writes how to properly connect.

    Added after 22 [minutes]:

    I am producing here and you probably have an original radio only on android and you connect to the topic of Chinese radios because on android.
    First, enter the type of radio, model, model and year of the car. [/at]

    Added after 1 [hours] 17 [minutes]:

    I only noticed that you write the same problem with the golf radio in the next topic.
    I have just described golf in the links and you have swapped power cables on the pins, but you prefer to litter the forum off topic and look for an imaginary fault. You even attach to the topic of Chinese radios. Android radio does not mean that I can be wrong with Chinese.
    You connect the radio from another car and you did not even bother to check the power supply on the ankle pins.
    The ankle fits into the hook, then I hook it up and the rest, and that's your problem.

    After the photos, it suggests this, because I also have a golf course and I had to convert the power supply. You are waiting for the ready, it is in my given links. You have a lazy, buy original, dedicated radio cables.
    You connected the power correctly, reprogram the can getewaj driver. You don't bother to eat it to a car electrician.
    Everything is served on a tray, even with the Chinese radio option, but I guess you just ignore it.
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    Buddy, if you read a few posts above, you would know that the car is a Caddy 2k13, not a Golf, and I connect the radio without an external adapter due to the fact that it is simply already built into the radio and has communication with itself and all belt prompts , door open and combustion are transmitted to the radio.
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    Please enter the brand of this Chinese radio, what has a built-in can-bus adapter, I am very curious? Having a can control in the radio is not a radio with a can-bus adapter . Missed something?

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    If you have a non-Chinese radio, what are you doing here with this topic? This topic applies to the can-bus adapter (for what, etc., what is behind it)?
    Since you have a radio that works (it's certainly not Chinese, but on Android), you have a problem with the power supply or the geteway driver. (I bet on both).

    Added after 11 [minutes]:

    The photos show that you have no power after the ignition (on one of the wires) I'm sure I'm wrong? I wrote what you need to do, and you don't want to read. (radio without connected can control should work properly connected) The VW Group is always the same. Can can cause such a symptom after connecting can because it is definitely a badly programmed driver . I wrote it to you clearly.
    I am curious about this "Chinese" radio, what is this model?

    Added after 4 [minutes]:

    Disconnect the Can cables and the radio will come to life if you have connected them correctly, you will be left with the car's getway programming (correct).

    Added after 19 [minutes]:

    1 Determine what radio you have, that on Android it does not mean Chinese.
    Chinese radios need a Can-bus adapter to control them.
    2. Check if the radio with disconnected can starts after turning the key. It turns off, it means that the power is connected incorrectly.
    3. If you say that communication works after Can, for example, at a standstill without the key turned on and the radio communicates with the car, disconnect the can wires and after turning the key, the radio will start.
    You will have to program the geteway driver correctly.

    Good luck - (I have already covered this topic on my radio, what I wrote to you is in the links described above - you may not want to read it).
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    Problem solved,

    The car was not equipped with the original radio and the gateway did not have it programmed, it was enough to code the radio.
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    Bassic Radio on Android is not a Chinese radio at all, as you wrote.
    You took the radio from another car, you connected it and did not encode the car's controller.
    Geteway you coded and it works - what did I write to you?
    Radio connection and coding is something completely different than the Can-bus adapter needed for communication between the Chinese radio and the car.
    If you had a Chinese radio, you would not do anything without the adapter.
    Congratulations on your success for 1 night you made this "Chinese Radio".
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    Dude, I know what radio I was buying ?

    This is exactly the radio:
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it

    Gateway had no encrypted radio and probably disconnected after a few seconds.

    You suggest your case with a radio that needed a can-bus module.
    China is moving with the times and now the module is already built into the radio.
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    Bassic watched this radio on Ali Express, you say that the radio does not need an adapter, it is possible. Progress is ongoing, but this is the radio I connected to the skoda "dedicated wrote" and it was together with the wires and the can-bus module on them.
    You see, I came across an antiquity, I'm glad you have a newer model. "Come on, Chinese wants it, he can." I have a different opinion, so it happens. Maybe it has Dab + built in? I think I'll buy it.

    Added after 30 [minutes]:

    https://pl.aliexpress.com/item/840114102.html...id=0b0a0ad815959228265215330e22bd&ws_ab_test= searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_, searchweb201603_
    Seller reply: Does the radio for Can communication require CAN-BUS module? Answer: Poland yes - we do not sell the Dab module yes Dab + does not exist "
    We used the adapter from the photo previously placed at the top with the bundle - this strange world.
    (it was necessary to connect the power supply, short-circuit the voltage with the key, otherwise the activation only with the Can of the car, and the backlight of the radio, the Dab module, we did not change).
    And did you find another radio? The difference is a few zlotys 544.14 PLN.
    I always recommend dedicated radios then I can be sure whether it has a Can-bus and Dab + adapter.
    There was no communication without the adapter.
    Well, it happens, and this old radio seller apparently sold me a ha ha.

    Added after 2 [minutes]:

    Another nasty seller sold a radio without an adapter for a Honda with the wrong wiring that didn't fit. These sellers and buyers.

    The truth all depends on what driver to operate the radio after Can auto has.
    (in a Chinese car it will work in VW produced in Europe it does not have to). The soft bad on the radio and the driver will also not handle. Each car manufacturer introduces its own solutions and the Chinese can only clone what an individual is. This is "Dude".
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    I will step on the topic.
    My car is an Opel Astra J sedan with factory LPG. The radio installed in it is a CD600:
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it

    without navigation and rear view camera. You can say that it is the top of the middle shelf. Through this radio, I can control many vehicle settings, incl. the settings of the air conditioning, central locking, door locks or the settings of the lights that are on (or not) after removing the key from the ignition switch. (Full list of possible vehicle settings on the linked video (sorry for the trembling hand): https://www61.zippyshare.com/v/XVb3z1Es/file.html)
    I am going to replace this radio with a Chinese "Tesla" dedicated to this car model:
    "Canbus" on the radio, what is it
    https://pl.aliexpress.com/item/33059664247.html but, on the basis of observations and chats with the owners of this "miracle", I am afraid that the vehicle settings functions that I currently have may not be available from the level of this Tesla. I can not get detailed information from the owners, because everyone I talked / chatted with had lower radio models, and thus also poorer in functions.

    And now I come to the point: are these settings / functions "sewn in" in the radio software, or is the radio just a relay (like a keyboard or a mouse) between me and the car's central computer?
    I am asking for two reasons; first - a Chinese seller says: " All the setting can be the same like before, because it is controlled by the canbus. If you can set is on your old radio, you can set the same on sinosmart car player new screen . " ( All settings can be same as before because they are canbus controlled. If you can set it on the old radio, you can set the same on the sinosmart car player to the new screen .) and secondly; when I wanted to install a reversing camera, it turned out that I had to send the radio somewhere near Bydgoszcz (I am for Silesia) in order to reprogram it, because only there is a specialist there, who will take it relatively cheaply.
    The conclusion from here - maybe wrong - that it all sits in the radio software and if so, the canbus will not help in anything here.
    I will be grateful for making me aware and explaining what, how and why ...
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    One principle is that the replacement radio does not necessarily have all the functions programmed for this car model.
    Can-bus is a device that translates radio signals to the Can bus of the car and vice versa - this kind of signal translator.
    It is always dictated by the price.
    A good replacement has everything 100% in it and each cable is suitable for connection including can-bus DAB + etc.
    You buy simple ones, check them, send them back to shit without unnecessary discussion. Everything is supposed to be the same and work.
    Before buying, check visually if they fit the same. After purchase, the radio is not taken for such money - because the camera does not work - it is supposed to work. "With this camera, it was enough to set it in the factory hidden menu - knowing the code from the seller or in the manual".
    A friend bought a replacement for a Mercedes for PLN 1,200 - good that he sent it back. He bought the second one for 1800 PLN, everything had and works.
    The cables themselves can ruin you if the wrong version will be sent.
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    60jarek wrote:
    One principle is that the replacement radio does not necessarily have all the functions programmed for this car model.
    This is what I am afraid of. Admittedly - from what I understand - the Chinese claims that it all "sits" in the main software, and Tesla is just a monitor - something like an interface - transmitting the vehicle settings between me and the main controller. Are this is in reality???
    However, I think that the radio has its own software, the main driver has its own, and the canbus is responsible for compatibility, and in this case, the functions that I care about are not available in Tesla, then the canbus will not help.
    A good replacement has everything 100% in it and each cable is suitable for connection including can-bus DAB + etc.
    From the chats, browsing the offers of various sellers, and instructional videos on YouTube, it appears that neither the cabling, DAB + add-ons, DVBT decoder or other - are not a problem. The installation of Tesla itself - even for a layman - is also a minor problem, even though the sellers do not provide any instructions. However, the problem is to determine what I can really expect from this product.
    You check the simple ones you buy, send back to shit without unnecessary discussion
    Provided that the Chinese offers a free return. If not - the cost of such shipping is at least half the price of the radio :(
    With this camera it was enough to set it in the factory hidden menu - knowing the code from the seller or in the manual ".
    In the case of Opel, it is more complicated!
    The cables themselves can ruin you if the wrong version will be sent.
    As I wrote above, there are no problems with the cabling, but choosing the right version of the Tesla replacement for the car's capabilities is a problem. The original version of the radio for this Opel is about 10 and the Tesla version - top 4. I read somewhere that there is no Tesla replacing the highest radio models such as Navi900 or Navi950 but I do not know why ...
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    Cables and accessories are sometimes more expensive than a radio. Buy on Alli Expres with the card and you will never lose - at most, the Chinese will lose the goods that have not been returned - they will quickly offer you a free return to the warehouse in Poland. Learn the rules of buying on Alli Express and you will sleep more peacefully with the money (I will not give other advice here).
    The poor lose twice.
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    I've been buying on "Alli" for several years, but thank you for your advice. However, I did not receive an answer to the fundamental question:
    is the Chinese right in saying that no matter what "replacement" Tesla I install, thanks to the canbus its functionality will be the same as the original?
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    He is right and remember which year the car is and which year the radio model. Some of the features of radio today are archaic media as well
    and we have a fondness for them. Who with us changes the rear view camera to a newer model with a super sensor and the latest radio model? When I go to the German road, what are the treasures and scrap metal for them? With us, they will sell each screw and there, they will melt it in the steelworks without hesitation. We are pleased with the new radio of their newest car model. What is the difference between a Chinese tire and ours? A bit of a weaker quality price, only due to the lack of raw materials and cheap labor. They really have good equipment, but automatically a different price. Note that the radio comes at several prices with the same equipment.
    The end of the arguments, I buy Chinese electronics and I am happy with it - there are also shakes.
    Buy full complete.
    See what the radio has in it. Can bus is only an element, but it is complete, because then you will not buy a dedicated one.
    I have nothing else to add on this topic.
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    60jarek wrote:
    He is right...

    So, regardless of which multimedia station ? la Tesla with Android I buy, thanks to the canbus it should adapt to the car's main computer software, work like an original radio and have functions like the original radio?
    I have a car from 2015 and these Tesla are Android 9 or 10, so they are definitely younger than my original radio.
    ... I buy Chinese electronics and I am happy with it - there are also shakes.
    I think so too. I buy not only electronics there. Recently, even their wife is giving them money ;)
    See what the radio has in it.
    There is a little problem with that. The descriptions focus mainly on audio and video functions, and it's hard to find anything about the car's settings.
    I have nothing to add on this topic.
    For now, thank you for this information and if I have any doubts, I know where to ask :)
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    I bought a Bosion PX6 Android radio with Can Bus and I do not know how to make OBD2 connect and display the radio in the car on the screen?
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    areckydetailing wrote:
    I bought a Bosion PX6 Android radio with Can Bus and I do not know how to make OBD2 connect and display the radio in the car on the screen?

    Create your topic and colleagues will help you there.
    In archival topics, we do not stick to our topic.