YIHUA 706 Soldering Station: Worth It? Users' Opinions & Comparisons (Yihua 852D+, 8786D-I, 878D)

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    I would like to ask for a statement from people who have or had to deal with the Yihua 706 station, because I am considering buying it in the Polish distribution in a company that presents itself as the exclusive official distributor on the Polish market and, apart from the product warranty, also gives a guarantee for the originality of the product confirmed by the manufacturer's license sticker, such as and this company too. I want a 2in1 or 3in1 station to have a flask and hot air up to a maximum of PLN 300.
    However, I still hesitate whether the hot-air should be in the stock or in the station and I was considering models such as:
    1. Hot-Air in the stock:
    Yihua 852D + (stock fan version)
    Yihua 8786D-I
    Yihua 878D
    2. Hot-Air in the station:
    Yihua 852D + (version with pump in the station)
    Yihua 872D (pump in the station)
    Yihua 706 (turbine in the station)

    At the same time, I almost decided on the Yihua 706 because from what I read and what I would like to confirm here, Hot air has a flow of 160L per minute (compared to 872D and 852D + which had about 20-30L from the pump in the station; and from the 878D 120L fan in the buttstock) and has theoretically real hot air and tip flask adjustment as well as the ability to calibrate. As far as I know, all models with hot in the flask do not have a real temperature measurement, while they are quieter, do not transmit vibrations to the stand, but the fan in the flask somehow does not appeal to me. I also have a question for you if you can change the 907A stock to a newer and stronger 907F or 907D because apparently the 907A is not entirely successful.
    Anticipating the proposal of two separate devices, I would like to point out that I was considering buying a Yihua 937D + 50-100W or 75W with a 907F stock, but in the remaining amount I will not have too much choice with hot air and I will have options with hot air from the butt, but there are maybe some unjustified prejudices, so I am open to any suggestions but I would like to point out that I prefer to have 2in1 at hand, it is more convenient for me to transport.
    Best regards and thank you in advance for your commitment and any suggestions in your statements
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    907A has a thermocouple as a temperature sensor, while the F version is a thermistor, so they are not interchangeable, but I have no idea what distinguishes the D version
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    The statements of the representative in Poland show that it is a newer version of the 907F (blue and yellow), which does not differ in anything other than black under the color of the station.
    So, if I understand you correctly, the whole new 907F stock will not be attached to this device?
    is there a significant difference between these solutions?
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    The A version with the F version are not interchangeable because the thermocouple is a completely different type of temperature sensor than the thermistor, simply the electronics from one flask will not work with the other because it is completely differently solved. A thermocouple generates a voltage that changes as the temperature increases, while the thermistor only changes the resistance as the temperature changes. I am a little ashamed to admit it, but when I bought the flask itself, I made this mistake because the sellers always write about thermocouples, even if the flask has a thermistor, so I was forced to completely change my plans. It would be really useful to make a topic where all solutions are described because often people ask about it or make a wrong purchase, the fact is that there are topics where such information appears, but it is very difficult to find and these are topics scattered throughout the forum.
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    Thanks for your valuable attention because I would have done the same, i.e. ordered a separate 907F stock. Further exploring the differences between a thermocouple temperature sensor and a thermistor, it follows that the thermocouple indicates the temperature more accurately and the thermistor is more durable and can heat more "by heart" ;)
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    Anyone using it at all?
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    Has anyone tried changing the fan to a quieter one? I bought a 9733 24V as a test (similar https://pl.aliexpress.com/item/1005004777324233.html), electrically it matches almost 1:1 (you only need to swap the pins because in the original there is a minus on the red cable) and reacts to the adjustment.
    The problem is that the flow has decreased due to a very small ring of blades on the rotor and low pressure, it gives advice, but it is not the same as in the original (estimation with the distance of extinguishing the flame indicated a maximum flow of around 40L/min). Unfortunately, I can't stand the original acoustically.
    Maybe someone knows a different fan model with large blades (higher pressure) or a small brushless bib with a controller for a replacement in the original?