Fiat Panda 1.1. 2009 interpretation of the results of diagnostics.

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    Hello everyone and I want to warn you in advance that I am a layman in the subject and I do not know diagnostic measurements. In my Panda 1.1 January 2009, I noticed that it was waving at idle and choking when shifting gears. The first thing I did was replace the candles and cables, clean the throttle and stepper motor, and the cable connectors at the throttle, but it did not help. Then I cleared all the pins on the ECU and still nothing. I got the interface and read the errors 0130- Lambda sensor circuit (cylinder block No. 1, probe 1) malfunction. I deleted this error but the situation has not changed. Despite the fact that I do not know the parameters, I tried to diagnose the probe in the ScanMaster program. Can anyone tell me what these readings mean and are they correct?

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