Minarc Evo 150 turns on, but no output amps

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    So i have a minarc evo 150, which shorted when welding. Now it turns on, green light is lit and i have no errors, but a display shows 0 amps, and I can't adjust amps with potentiometer. On the output i have 2.2V. I have attached manual here, and using this I've checked input rectifier and PFC circuit, IGBT module and secondary diodes, all are okay. I've checked the potentiometer and it's working properly. Any ideas what to check after this?
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    If there is 380-390V on the capacitors, you can remove the IGBT module and check it with a tester. If it is out of order, then a basket welder ;) because it cannot be bought (unless 50 pcs in the USA). If it's ok, check if there are any waveforms on the gates, if you don't have to replace the drivers. If there are no waveforms, unfortunately I wish you good luck digging the entire welding machine and finding the fault.