Xiaomi Mi Air 13 - Component identification

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    Hi everyone,

    I have Xiaomi Mi Air 13
    Board number is: Marble 17805-1 448.0CE07.0011

    Problem is burned and missing component that I need to identify.. mark on the board is QA702

    QA701 looks same but I am not sure if it is (values), marking are AD XA 14

    Also 5pin component (maybe LDO) with GAF marked on top gets hot.. for this GAF I manage to find that it should be AP2204K-ADJTRG1 (maybe not, looks like GAF is general/factory marking)

    Can you guys halp me out?


    Xiaomi Mi Air 13 - Component identification Xiaomi Mi Air 13 - Component identification
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    Look for the datasheet and what you have on the board (pins)
    - LDO (Low Dropout) Linear Voltage Regulators, Adjustable Output,
    SOT23-5, code: GAF LDO stabilizer Adj (adjustable) 300mA RP170N381B Link

    SOT25-3, GAF, AP2204K-ADJTRG1 / * weaker current 150mA
    * Link
    * Link

    There you have kbc npce285pa0dx
    - i.e. after similar developments on this kbc, e.g. new Quanta TMMA / DATMAAMBAC0 rev.?