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Onkyo NR series - D830K013DZKB5 Defect Fake, to buy fix PLS.

mozsy93 57 0
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    I repairing NR series Onkyo amplifiers chip change programming and everything is working sometimes memory also.

    something like 1.5 years ago everything was good I could buy good working chips on HKinventory, after 2020 I was try to buy sometimes, but they send me only fake chips, which ones are working, but they don`t playing MP3 only every 2 second 1 moment of music.
    Until this time it was not problem because I had chips, but now I haven`t and I really don`t know where can I buy good ones.
    I was try new suppliers and my old suppliers a lot of time they are Fake chips I can see on the surface.

    I need 10 actually.

    Pls somebody help me because I just throw money in the trash with a lot of try...

    Br Roland