Lenovo Legion Y7000 - Charging pin is tremendously overheating due to a malfunct

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    Firstly, thank you for clicking on this post.
    As the title suggests, I have a lenovo legion( intel 9300H paired with nvidia 1650 ) that I got for college, for rendering and programming in engineering classes. I bought it in 2019 and it worked fine for 2 years. Only for 2.
    Since then, I had a constant difficulty in fixing its malfunction. The problem I have is that the charging head (the one that goes into the laptop to provide current supply to the battery) is overheating so much that at some point, the charging process stops. It only resumes charging if I plug it out to cool down.
    So, I went to different repair shops to see if they can identify and fix the issue but alas, I had no success with them.
    I've tried so many things in a hope to save my laptop. I tried to restore the tension of the pins inside the laptop that holds the charging head inside, by bending them with a paper clip, as some people suggested that those pins weakens over time and a play tends to appear inside. It didn't work. I replaced the whole charging socket in the laptop. It didn't work either. I bought a complete new AC adaptor. That worked well for a while and then the problem re-appeared. I've tried to clean the dust inside, replace the thermal paste, it didn't change a thing. I've tried to reduce the current to my cpu by undervolting it, it didn't work (but I observed it had a better performance, tho) and the last thing, someone tried to decrease the power output of the charging brick, to limit the transfer of the current. It did nothing.

    This is my current checkpoint of this "adventure". I'm keen on listening to your opinions, because I see value and competence on this forum so, until then, thank you so much for reading this! I will be waiting for your answers!
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    so like this:
    first, give your motherboard the designation.
    What current does the board consume after connecting the power supply, and what after starting?
    Is the power supply in the bios detected correctly?
    Install batterymon and upload screenshots from the main page of the program, and info about the battery.