Bosch SMV58N90EU/97 Dishwasher - Error 19 Fix: Replace Detergent Dispenser or Check Electronics

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    Hello, I'm looking for help with Error 19 for our Bosch SMV58N90EU/97 dishwasher.

    At first, I changed the water jacket solenoid valve, because the old one looked rusty. The resistance of the new solenoid is 7.6kΩ.

    But Error 19 keeps displaying.

    Then I checked the wiring, all ok. Then I checked the motherboard, nothing seems evidently burned, but I'm not expert.

    Finally, I disassembled the door, and disconnected the detergent dispenser. Then error 19 disappears, machine will briefly start, then error 19 again. Wiring is ok, and resistance of the dispenser solenoid is 10.8kΩ.

    What makes me dubious is that both the water jacket solenoid and detergent dispenser wires are constantly powered with 285V DC.

    Should I change the detergent dispenser? or should I check some specific electronic?

    The motherboard is model 9000 968 115.

    Thanks in advance.
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    To repair the electronic module, many times on the forum there was an E19 error in this machine.
    Search, read and fix.
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    mrice wrote:
    Electronic module to be repaired

    Not so fast :)
    daniel504181 wrote:
    Hello, I am looking for help with error 19 for our Bosch SMV58N90EU/97 dishwasher.

    After how many minutes does the error occur?
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    Thanks for the answers.

    Piotr2608 wrote:
    After how many minutes does the error occur?

    With both solenoids connected (heat exchanger and detergent dispenser), Error 19 is showed immediately after power on. I'm not able to select program.

    With detergent dispenser disconnected, machine starts, I'm able to select program. After pressing "Start", pump briefly starts for a couple of seconds, then machine stops and Error 19 shows again.