Frequent Minsk Glacier Refrigerator Cycling: Causes & Solutions for Increased Energy Use

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    Please help what can be the reason for the fridge turning on very often. Every 5-7 minutes the compressor turns on. My energy consumption has tripled. This is the old Minsk glacier. The thermostat was replaced last year.
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    check the tightness of the seal in the door, it is currently high temperature and the refrigerator needs to maintain the right temperature, so it turns on more often
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    also check the temperature at the time of switching on and off the refrigerator 2, the refrigerator should be full (does not suggest anything) because it turns on more often when empty
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    Write this thermostat to what extent it is set, maybe to the max. And then it works like that. Have you not pulled out the plate under the freezer. Are there no dishes evaporating water, e.g. jelly. As for the thermostat, I say [I had a chimara myself] that the thermostat had to be set to minimum because she worked longer and froze quickly
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    The plate under the freezer is there, and the thermostat is at minimum.
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    dude, it's simple
    buy a thermostat for PLN 30 and replace it, if it doesn't help, throw away the equipment in the trash or you have gas leaked and you have enlarged the ozone hole or your circuit is clogged and it is not efficient and of course in these hot weather you can increase the thermostat setting and what you keep inside is also important such frozen ones can keep the temperature longer :) which makes the arrangement of eastern friends more economical :) I would also check the arrangement of the thermostat capillary, it may have moved or fell off the evaporator handle, which does not collect the temperature
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    most likely, it will be the lack of coolant, if the thermostat is functional, replacing the fluid costs me from PLN 70 to PLN 100
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    As others have already written - I bet the lack of cooling factor, but the supplement itself is not enough. I still suspect a lack of tightness - but the filling people will check it - but watch them otherwise in two months you will be filling again.
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    I am young because I am 25 years old but I have not heard that the law will change and you can fill with r12 factor :) minsk bar on this factor i guess :) age may explain it a bit :) once I replaced the sprezare in minsk I gave him r134a and in a month the tubes opened because they were corroded since then I am asking people not to load money into the mud :)
    Amica for only PLN 699 Media markt :) :) It's slowly starting to become unbearable :)
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    the reasons for this condition are:
    -worn compressor - this leads to rapid pressure equalization in the system and an increase in temperature in the refrigerator
    - current high external temperatures - you describe only after how many minutes it turns on, so it has to work much longer.
    - thermostat whose hysteresis has changed (narrowed).
    What to do next - it's hard to tell without a precise measurement of the compressor's stop and start temperature - it's not easy, but some accurate ELECTRONIC thermometer would "prompt" something - don't even do it with an ordinary "outdoor". waste of time.