VW Touran - how to enable webasto?

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    I am sticking to this post for lack of points.

    I have a question, how can you delete the error given below:

    Address 18: Aux. Heat
    Control Module Part Number: 1K0 815 071 T
    Component and / or Version: Zuheizer 050 2504
    Software Coding: 0000011
    Work Shop Code: WSC 01324
    2 Faults Found:

    01415 - Recirculating Pump (V55)
    007 - Short to Ground - Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00100111
    Fault Priority: 3
    Fault Frequency: 254
    Reset counter: 123
    Mileage: 136,404 km
    Time Indication: 0

    Freeze Frame:
    Temperature: 63.0 C
    Temperature: 81.0 C
    Voltage: 13.95 V

    02251 - Heater Unit Locked
    000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100000
    Fault Priority: 2
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 83
    Mileage: 137,796 km
    Time Indication: 0

    I've been struggling with it for 2 hours and d ...

    I found the solution to this problem on the forum:

    You enter WEBASTO, later adaptation, on block 42 of 0 you do 1 and save. Webasto unlocks and now reset errors.

    The second problem is I can't remove the DVD from RNS 510, "DVD Error" crashes. Anyone know how to disassemble and possibly pull the disc manually?
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    I have a Vw Touran 1.9 TDI 2003 year of production and I have a problem because my car was originally equipped with webasto, only the hose ends were closed, so I know that I have to buy this device, I do not know what parameters it should have webasto, and there are many versions of this device on the Allegro .
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    I have a 2006 Touran. I got a remote for it with on and off buttons.
    I did not know what this remote control was about, he turned on the fan in the summer. Only when it got colder I realized that it was webasto. I have a webasto with engine and cabin heating. There is no clock and no control of the switching time, there is one button (horizontal line with wavelets up) that turns this webasto on, and a button on the remote control (on).
    There is one more ECON button on the board. It turns off the engine's additional heating while driving, as well as the climate in summer. When the ECON button is on when the engine is turned off, it does not heat it up later, but only the cabin. The range of the remote control is a surprise to me. The car is 500 m from the apartment, under the carport. From the fourth floor, it catches very well through the blocks.
    In the morning I turn on the webasto somewhere for 15 minutes at a temperature of around -4 degrees Celsius, I have 70 degrees on the engine and a frosted windscreen.
    From what I read often when reselling, people forget to return the webasto remote, but you can buy one at VW, it probably costs a lot, but I think it's worth it.
    As for combustion, it should be taken into account that additional heating consumes a lot of fuel, but driving comfort and starting a warm engine in winter are different. It is autumn and I noticed that it consumes a lot of fuel for me from about 2 liters / 100 km more without the economy turned on, especially in the city. Currently, when it heats up to below 50 degrees C, I attach ECON and burns less. What I noticed, when I set the temperature to 24 degrees C in winter, and I direct the air outlet located in the middle of the cabin down, it can switch on the air conditioning, the temperature sensor is right below the air outlet, of course when the air outlet is off. ECON.
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    k.am.il you have probably looking by. of the given year that you have "analog" and those that are on the alle ... most often they are on the CAN, i.e. controlled like a regular computer with the key 0100010111 etc. The analog is hard to find. And if you do, look for it to have an inscription on the rating plate

    Standheizer, or our way of PARKING HEATING

    if found in the name


    - it works only when the engine is running and of course when the FORCED CIRCULATION PUMP works if it is installed and there are no errors, I mean when it comes to CAN. As it is with the Analog, I do not know about the above-mentioned. examples because I have CAN ...
    If you have any more questions, please click here




    Read from Board to Board .... I did so and from the defective Additional Heater I made full Parking Heater and HULA ........ THANKS TO THIS FORUM and I was GREEN and I have Touran 2006 only 4 weeks .....
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    I have a problem with the auxiliary heater in Touran 2003, namely after connecting VAG K + CAN COMMANDER 1.4, it connects to channel 47 Standheizung -A parking heater and five errors appear:
    0582 heater overheated
    0583 temperature sensor
    08CB additional heat blocked
    0298 - indication of the fuel level in the tank
    05A4 Automatic circuit breaker> insufficient voltage

    The errors cannot be cleared.
    I would like to ask if these are serious errors and if something needs to be replaced in the additional heater or if it is enough to adapt and delete the errors again.
    I would like to ask for instructions on how to adapt VAG K + CAN COMMANDER 1.4
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    18- additional heat -> 10 - Adaptations -> channel 42 -> save there 1

    If the temperature sensor error and overheating repeat, the sensor needs to be replaced, something like PLN 130. It is a temperature and overheating sensor

    You can try this: 18 AUX heating - 4 Basic Setting - 11ch - ON / OFF. Component function test.
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    At item 18 I have nothing (can't connect)
    As I wrote before, when I open the channel 47 Standheizung -Auxiliary heating, I get five errors.
    Maybe I will describe how I try to adapt (which does not work out)
    1.connects to channel 47
    2. in the adaptation field I click START ... the information is displayed to enter the value for the channel
    3.Now I do not know if I am doing right, I enter DEC 18 in the field (I want to adapt channel 18)
    4.Click ENTER / TEST
    5. The message "Negative response of the request !!!" appears.
    cypion tell me if your adaptation instruction applies to VAG-K + CAN Commander 1.4?
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    for example, in vag can pro on channel 18 there is a parking heater and from what I remember in vcds it is also like that ...

    I do this: you enter the webast 18 driver, then 10 (adaptation), channel 042 and enter 1 (because it will probably be 0)
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    In VAG-K + CAN Commander 1.4 it is definitely on channel 47 because after connection, additional heater data, serial number, etc. are displayed. Only this adaptation is a problem
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    I had the same problem in DEC, I entered 66 which gave HEX 42 and then according to the instructions.
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    I will step on the topic ...
    Some time ago I bought a touran with a webast and a pilot included, the topic is obvious - it does not start.
    After communicating with VCDS vag 10.6 I get the following message: 18-Aux. Heat - Status: Cannot be reached 1100. Hence: no communication 18-10-47-1.
    I found such an error only on the radio, while with webasto I have nowhere found anything on the network.
    The car probably ran on the tariff (I think so) so it is unlikely that anyone would assume - I suspect that this is a standard in a taxi.
    Original software and additional cables :( ?
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    I also have a Touran 190,000 with the same engine and the same year also smoked me so much, you just need to drive barking, do not shoot it to 3 and over 3,000 only to 2 or 2,500, and now smoke 8,9 or 9 in the city, 1?
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    I also have a problem with the additional heat, but I was at the webast installers and they informed me that the fault of not starting the additional heat is a broken water pump and I need to replace it.
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    Everyone writes strange things and they are right others are wrong I have a Volkswagen Touran from 2004, I fell Webasto only this is the additional heater, the water pump fell after the replacement, it starts automatically at low temperature, you do not need any remote control or any intervention on our part