Dishwasher - I poured some washing up liquid accidentally

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    The Bosch Silence dishwasher does not fill with water.
    The problems started after pouring dishwashing liquid into it (yes, I know you are stupid).
    Could this be the cause of the failure?
    I will add that when you turn on the dishwasher, you can hear a hum (as if the pump is working, but it does not consume water)
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    pour a few liters of water inside and fire ... you won't hurt 100%.
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    the dishwashing liquid created a large amount of foam which poured through the door and activated the anti-spill system (aquastop), you must dry the bottom of the dishwasher or wait for it to dry by itself (a few days).
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    Unfortunately, it will not dry up so quickly, if the aquastop hose at the solenoid valve is "flooded", it should first of all be detached from the solenoid valve (it is neutral from which side) and even sometimes create a small vacuum on this aquastop (draw air :) ). If the liquid was poured into the dishwasher in a large amount, cleaning may take 20-30 washing cycles, non-stop foam control
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    you have to do as the predecessor writes, use dishwashing liquid for water when washing manually for dishwashers absolutely not allowed - best regards
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