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RAVE-LAND model XAB, 5000,3450,1200,4500? Is it worth it?

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    Is it worth buying a RAVE-LAND model XAB, 5000,3450,1200,4500.
    The guest staged 60pcs on the allegro, saying that they have very similar parameters
    Technical data according to the seller:

    Rated power 12-14.4V
    Rated current consumption 36-44A
    Maximum power consumption> 60A, limited by fuses.
    Real power 4x140W / 2x280W RMS
    Music power 4x300W / 2x600W Max or 4x250 + 1x500W
    Distortion 90, 92dB
    Protection: 2x30A + thermal + short circuit fuses.
    4 channels + 1min for subwoofer or 2 bridges in each.
    Load 2-16 ohms stereo mode, 4-16 ohms mono mode.

    Did anyone have contact with this brand or with these specific models?
    Auction No: 868437030

    The previous topic has been deleted, so I corrected.
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    He doubts that he has this power what he writes at all, his performance speaks for itself if he has 60pcs let him make an inside of a hint and put them on the forum for this topic and let me tell you if it is worth buying
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    Thank you for your interest in the subject, I got such a photo and such a comment. You have to admit that the guest "has a chat" ...

    Hello. Here's a photo. Please note that the inverter drives 6 mosfets, just like in a 6-cylinder ;) car
    For this very good - voltage transformer, it's like a perfect gearbox ... :) A joke, but understandable, right?
    The final stages do not matter, because what about their power without a good power supply. That is why the inverter is the most important and here it is very efficient as long as there is a good supply of energy from the battery.
    The turn-over, however, is so well-built that the amplifier is versatile without restrictions. It will support any configurations of speakers, sub, etc.

    RAVE-LAND model XAB, 5000,3450,1200,4500? Is it worth it?

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    Calmly colleagues - nabelem Ravelanda and is not so bad - has a tip on Darlington and for such kases you want to buy - it has about 40 in power rms and fun, subbasie 20cm the mirror bounces me in the car so it is not bad and I have a comparison to other car audio endings
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    pasat wrote:
    Calm colleagues - nabbed Raveland and is not so bad - has a tip on Darlington and for such kasemi what you want to buy - it has about 40 in power rms and fun, subbasie 20cm the mirror bounces me in the car so is not bad and I have a comparison as for other end car audio

    What model do you have?
    40W power is probably a little less than in the description ...
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    It is very similar to firsta or voice krafta. The interior is very poor for "Real power 4x140W / 2x280W RMS". Security like 60A but probably only for appearance.

    But for PLN 150 he will play better than voice krafta despite the fact that the powers must be overstated here.
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    So the estimated power of this amplifier is so around?
    -4 x ?? W
    -2x ?? + 1x ??
    But the description is like he really was convinced about these powers ... haha
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    Let me say this: Power no one will give you because this can not be estimated after the amplifier seeing its interior and price. It can be 4x25W and 4x60W, it's hard to say. Also not too easy to measure. It's best to compare with another amplifier.
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    Terribly poor measure also certainly does not have the power that the seller wrote, and the way it was written resembles something like voice kraft, etc. also Chinese. Compare the middle of other tones or think over sony xm (gold series) at least you have real power and quality at a high level
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    So no revelation, but some suba will drag? e.g. stx 30-500 4AA. It's about completing the bandwidth and not necessarily fighting on dB, I guess he will not have full control at higher powers.
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    Say differently, how much would you have to the amplifier and what would you like to power it with something you choose. It may turn out that this raveland will not drag the 150W sub and you will be negatively surprised.
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    Temporarily, the taste would be with my father in the car, and only power the subwoofer.
    The rest unchanged (Opel Astra G Estate). And here I would like to check how to get 2 x gdn 25/40/3, and then I would buy a speaker from stx and I would do something better.

    In about half a year I will have my car and I would like the amplifier to support the sub and it would be nice if it could help the fronts. Sub would then be on one of the speakers from the STX offer.

    I could allocate 100-200 PLN for a hint.
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    You can buy a four-channel Axton for about PLN 200, the sub drives will drive well. Still, something like this could be: CRUNCH MXB 4200, SONY XM-754HX.
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    Ok. so it's not worth experimenting with rave land?
    Now yes, if you can give the model / axton models.
    And the prices at which it would pay to buy particular boosts, because I would not like to be stretched by someone. And also have some insight.
    And in these amplifiers will be able to drive the sub and fronts at once?
    Thank you for your help so far.
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    Axton c500x4 to PLN 200, Crunch MXB 4200 to about :) less the better, you know :) Axton on the allegro already some time hanging can be something to negotiate

    Added after 34 [seconds]:

    And it's only that I've staked this STX 300 watts so you need something stronger
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    A AXTON C502? It is for PLN 249 on a certain auction site.
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    It is worth taking axton c502 a very good taste
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    I'm very pleased. I have read your doubts :) But you did not read where TDA differs ... in the first viocekraft and rubbish, from the TIPs 122/127 used in Ravie IRF.
    The RMS power can be specified differently: 200W at 10% THD or 30W at 0.01THD - one ciort.
    What's your problem? In ignorance !! For laymen, only digits and subjective comparisons are meaningless ... Is the rich grazing of the interior deciding about its power?
    What's this rubbish someone wrote here? Let the more than darkens conclusions. The power supply and power responsible for the power and not the density / number of components on the card ciemuka19 . If you have to deal with it, do it with knowledge and not with discredit, unless you mean the first one.
    I sell differently than a mass seller of numbers and nonsense. In reply to my colleague's email kornik_92 yes, I have a chatter but not sucked out of my finger and please appreciate it because I do not use lies to get a client.
    None of these wzmaniaczy compare to 8-year-old Axton or Sony because their even drugs at this price can not be bought. Compare new offers at the same price, I expect.

    Best wishes, audiotech.