HP Pavilion dv5 Laptop Audio: Sound in Speakers & Headphones Simultaneously - Solutions?

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    I have an Hp pavilion dv5 laptop. Since yesterday, the sound in the speakers is only when I have headphones connected, then the sound is in the speakers and in the headphones. This happens no matter what socket the headphones are inserted into.
    Does anyone know what this may be about?
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    See what you have in the device manager.
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    Everything is old in the manager. And in the sound options it is as it was, i.e. speakers and double headphones.
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    Uninstall drivers from sound and reinstall.
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    But I have an integrated music card. I noticed that in the IDT Audio program, if there is nothing inserted into the headphone jack, it shows me the headphone settings, while when I put the headphones in the jack, it shows the speakers and speaker settings.
    I don't know too much how to install new drivers because when I was buying a laptop I didn't get any motherboards, everything was already installed. As far as I know, they didn't give any CDs to any Hp pavilion dv5, at least in the media expert. I just don't want to spoil something.

    Added after 5 [hours] 37 [minutes]:

    I have just noticed that sometimes I catch the sound, or I catch it continuously or with such "jumps".
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    I have the same Witek, it started a week ago. As in the description. The mixer is as old as it is, except that there are speakers / headphones instead of speakers. Even the format didn't help. I'm afraid that the circuit on the disc has crumbled. I read that the mixer hangs when removing the headphones from the socket.

    Vista 64 bit pavilion dv6000 lapek is 5 years old. Initially, I thought it was a driver problem or some patches. But now I am sure that the system has sprinkled.

    Ajutooo !!!! greetings
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    There is a chance that the jack socket is damaged, if not, then a possible replacement of the sound codec with MB => normal notebook service.
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    in 2.5 jacks a common defect. in 3.5 it is unlikely to happen, but put something thin and move it in the headphone socket. maybe they will unlock - the plate will spring back.
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    I know that a lot of time has passed, but the problem is current and here you have a solution :)
    This is a software problem with Microsoft.


    "In laptops based on IDT Audio solutions (Dell XPS series, HP 620 and others) it happens that the sound from the built-in speakers is lost. The headphone jack works normally.

    I suspect the problem is related to a bad pin connection in Microsoft UAA (HDA). I can not answer what should be done with MS HDA Tool to correctly set these pins, but after three hours of uneven collision I found the following solution:

    1. Enter SPEAKER on the bottom bar, right mouse -> "playback devices"

    2. We set the built-in headphones (?) As the default device

    3. Go to the RECORDING DEVICES tab -> Right mouse click on the built-in microphone and Properties.

    4. On the first tab, set up the listening session from the selected device (LISTEN TO THIS DEVICE) and in the selection list, redirect the microphone to BUILT-IN HEADPHONES.

    5. Go back to the PLAYBACK DEVICES tab, right-click on the built-in speakers and set it as the default device. "