Briggs 5 HP ignition engine - no spark

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    I have to repair an old rotary cultivator with a Briggs 5 HP 206 ccm engine. There are no other symbols, the equipment is old and has been painted several times. The engine lost its spark, the owner admitted that he was extinguishing him by removing the pipe from the candle so probably the coil-module has an internal puncture in the HV coil. After removing the case, I noticed that the coil-module comes out of the cable that enters the motor housing, and from the same place comes a different color wire to extinguish. Question - why does this cable enter the engine? Somewhere I've heard of some kind of security brake, is this what it's all about?
    The second question - will the module be able to get to such an old engine? Will it fit from a different engine, newer or larger?
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    This is an oil sensor, just disconnect the cable from the module and check the spark, if there is a spark you must look for where the fire extinguisher comes in contact with the ground, there may be too little oil and the sensor will disconnect the ignition, or the sensor is damaged, then the engine will half and sensor replacement (or bypassing it from the extinguishing system).
    If it turns out that the spark will not be after disconnecting the extinguishing cable from the module, then the module replacement should be enough :)

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    Give a photo of this engine, it will be easier.
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    Exactly, I also thought about the breaker or the impulse in the motor, but it would look more like a sensor. The magnetic wheel is with two magnets, it looks like a typical cewkomodul. I will post the photo later
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    I have engine photos, can anyone look if it's a normal cewkomodul and tell where I can buy one?
    Briggs 5 HP ignition engine - no spark Briggs 5 HP ignition engine - no spark
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    However, this model of the motor has a chopper, but there are modules matching this motor without a chopper, you can replace the module with an electronic one.
    Here you have a link to a video with a similar engine and a way to dismantle and replace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvyyf3KJqu4&feature=related
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    What breaker ??? After all, it's a typical CDI magnet system used in mowers ...
    First, check that the spark is not blocked by shorting to the ground of the cable you are describing. Just find its end unplug (let it hang) and check the spark on the HV cable itself to ground.
    How not to do this module out to hand and visit the shop with parts for mowers. They should choose something.
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    This is not a CDI ignition, in the coil there is no third core to trigger the ignition. In old B & S you have a chopper under the flywheel.
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    And I would insist on a magnet type ignition. It can be CDI or TCI. Does not matter! It does not require a separate pulser or chopper.
    Well, unless it's a classic spark ignition ... like in Romet.
    You need to find the end of the cable.
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    The case is resolved - however, it is ignited with a chopper. When I took off the lid, it spilled out, the water-drying and cleaning of the chopper's contacts helped. The spark is on, the engine is on but I have to clean the gas. Thank you for all the hints, I close the topic