Simple radio wave jammer?

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    Hello, I'm starting my adventure with electronics and I would like to build a simple radio wave or frequency jammer from my radio :D and I have such a request and a question, so:
    If I do, will it be disturbed by waves from one station or all?
    and how much will it cost me to buy the necessary elements to build this device?
    I have basic devices such as a breadboard, multimeter, diodes, switches, potentiometer, etc. If someone could give me a simple but the simplest diagram of such a gadget, I would be very grateful :) Of course, I do it for myself for educational purposes, I won't be able to disturb anyone except myself standing next to the radio with something like this :D Thanks in advance !
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    Atreyu Makiavel
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    Such a jammer is nothing more than a simple transmitter. Instead of broadcasting Father Rydzyk's program, you simply broadcast white noise or anything else on the frequency you want to disturb or some wider band.
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    Here you are the simplest FM transmitter:

    Simple radio wave jammer?

    List of parts :
    R1 4.7 kOhm
    R2 330 Ohm
    C1 1.5 nF, ceramic
    C2 33 pF, ceramic
    C3 47 pF, ceramic
    T1 BF324
    Mic electret cartridge or audio signal with a 1uf capacitor plugged in in series.
    L 6 turns with a 0.8mm wire with a 5mm cross-section (you can wind it on a drill, a tube as long as it was 5mm) I gave the BF414 transistor and 5 coil with 1mm wire.
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    silski1996 wrote:
    Hello, I'm starting my adventure with electronics

    Start with the basics because you can't even define what you want to do, and working without knowing the principles of operation and building transmitters without basic knowledge can have a bad effect on your health and affect the nervous state of your neighbors.

    silski1996 wrote:
    Of course I am doing this for myself for educational purposes

    Yes of course ;)

    Atreyu Makiavel wrote:
    Such a jammer is nothing more than a simple transmitter

    Your colleague gave you a sufficient and comprehensive answer. I would help the transmitters myself, and I do not even have the slightest idea about the topics in the style, and I will build a jamming device, they should immediately land in the bin.
    In general, for a beginner you have a strange taste for interfering devices of all kinds and also like in the topic https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/viewtopic.php?p=14059296&highlight=#postingbox a passion for devices not related to electronics for beginners.
    Change the cognitive area to the actual study of electronics, you will always get help for such topics. And this is how the basket should be.