Laptop Battery Decision: Replacement vs Original for Toshiba Satellite L505D-10J & L300-2CL

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    speedy9 wrote:
    And do you know that these cheap, little-used batteries from private individuals are usually batteries that should be disposed of or returned to the manufacturer because they were replaced by the manufacturer as part of the exchange of dangerous series? They get a new one, checked from the manufacturer, and the old one is sold on Allegro ...
    So the claim that you bought the original battery for 30-40% of its normal price is out of place.

    Since you know which models, write. Everyone will beware of such.

    :) ) did you know that these "Chinese substitutes" may carry the same risk? And you think the salesperson will care?
    - some will say that the battery has been used incorrectly or exposed to extreme external factors, and others that you have not used original components.

    Not every battery will belong to the series, as you put it "dangerous" .. I resold mine and it works in the same way when I buy it myself (I reject scammers in advance).

    So I do not understand what is out of place here .. purchase of a cheaper, efficient but used battery. This appeals to me more (it was used and is serviceable) than the replacement (which should work).

    "If I get a replacement and a laptop to test it, then I can say that these models (batteries) for this laptop model are worth trusting (under certain conditions :D ).
    Otherwise, they will be burdened with the same risk as the "dangerous" ones.
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    I think I will buy the original one, unless the replacement for "Movano" has a lot of positive feedback.
    The original and the replacement with a capacity of 4400mAh is a slight difference in price and here I will opt for the original. I am still thinking about replacing the 6600mAh "Movano".
    I also have a question about the power supply, the value on the laptop is DC 19V --- 6.3A, and on the power supply 19V --- 3.42A or a lower value on the laptop and a higher value on the power supply does it have any effect?
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    Yes, the maximum power supply current cannot be lower than the value on the laptop's label
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    Hello. Where can you buy an original battery and 19V --- 6.3A power supply. I am looking on the internet and I found one page with the original battery and power supply, but the store is not responding. Generally, the original battery is difficult to obtain. It takes 2 months to order. Only replacements everywhere.
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    It is also possible to buy a replacement for the "Movano" battery and power supply.