How to disable "UPC WI-free" Thomson TWG870U

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    Hello, how to disable "UPC Wi-free" broadcasting in this modem ???

    How to disable "UPC WI-free" Thomson TWG870U
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    As far as I know, you then lose access to this service in other locations.
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    @ veder1 The first thing is that the "UPC Wi-free" SSID in the screenshot you presented does not have to be broadcast by your modem at all. You will be sure when you check e.g. the MAC address. However, I assume that there are no other modems / routers in your location (SSID "UPCxxxxxxx") that have an active service. Windows are "blind" to separate access points and all "UPC Wi-free" merge into one, :D :D :D .
    @mr_slimm There is no such "feature".
    @ goldi74 Will turn off. Only that after disabling the service, he will not be able to use it later, e.g. in the city (from the Internet via UPC Wi-free).
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    I would like to point out that I do not use the UPC internet, but from another service provider. The modem is only UPC and I would like to disable it. GAD DEMYD (I'm not a UPC user) and I want to deactivate this option?
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    As in my links: there is no other option, unfortunately, only turning it off via the My UPC page.
    Possibly disassembling the antenna, but then you deprive yourself of wi-fi.
    I don't know where you got the modem-router from, but maybe turn it off on the My UPC page using the account of the person-owner of the device?
    It is different if this someone, as we wrote, uses wi-free ...
    Or maybe your ISP that you haven't specified has an option on its website?
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    If the modem works in a different cable network, it is impossible to disable the service on the UPC website. It remains to contact the supplier about which we know nothing.
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    GAD DEMYD internet provider is municipal cable tv, and how to upload older soft?
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    I turned it off by telephone contact with UPC.
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    GAD DEMYD if I'm not in UPC, how does it pay me telepathically?
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    GAWD DEMMIT Check if you are 100% broadcasting the SSID yourself, I wrote how, because it's some strange story that gets done. Does your supplier have a contract with UPC or what ??? And Wi-free sends internet via cable tv or UPC? It is not very logical.
    Linux will be extremely helpful as it will split one SSID into separate access points with their own MACs.
    Just unplug the modem router from the network and see which "UPC Wi-free" disappears (if it goes).
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    I bought the GAWD DEMMIT modem at an auction and it is connected to a cable TV service provider that has nothing to do with UPC. And the bank is the modem that sends UPC WIFI-free GAD DEMYD
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    veder1 wrote:
    The modem is only UPC and I would like to disable it. GAD DEMYD (I'm not a UPC user) and I want to deactivate this option?

    In this light, you won't do anything about it.
    So what if it broadcasts - if there is no UPC signal, no one will connect to this hotspot anyway (the connection may and will be established, but the net will not be there).

    You can also disconnect the wifi antennas (dismantle the modem and disconnect), but then you lose access to your home network via wifi.

    You bought the worst possible equipment - you had to buy Ubee, or Compala, or the old Cisco EPC3925.
    Either buy a blank Cisco EPC 3212 cable modem or a Cisco EPC 3008 cable modem and plug in your own router - then you get rid of UPC WiFree.
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    I was looking for how to turn off wifi free, the picture shows a solution if someone else was looking like me.
    How to disable "UPC WI-free" Thomson TWG870U