Dedicated devices for SDR on RTL2832U + R820T2 vs DVB-T dongle conversion for t

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    I recently purchased a blue DVB-T at a Polish well-known auction site for a price of ~ PLN 55
    I changed the drivers, started and completed the first listens.
    The device works, however, during work I scored a bsoda (blue screen) with standard text, whether there I did not have to install new devices and such blablabla.
    I came to the conclusion that I can buy a specialized device and I found one on Ali ...

    01. 100KHz-1-7GHz-VHF-UHF-band RTL-SDR-Upconverter-SDR-Receiver-NFM-FM-DSB-LSB-CW for 55.47 $
    02. Best-RTL-SDR-receiver SDR-USB-dongle-with-the Realtek-RTL2832u-SDR-Rafael-and-micro-R820t for the price of 38.97 $
    03. 100-KHZ-a-1-7-all-GHz-band-radio RTL-SDR-receiver-RTL2832-R820T-RTL-SDR at $ 38.65
    04. 100-KHZ-a-1-7-all-GHz-band-radio RTL-SDR-receiver-RTL2832-R820T-RTL-SDR for $ 56.01
    and 'original' from the RTL-SDR website
    05. buy-rtl-sdr-dvb-t-dongles for the price of 24.95 or 19.95 $ additionally 2 (Air Mail) or 18 $ (courier) for transport to Poland.

    My questions:

    Is it worth buying?

    Is there a clear difference in the operation of SDR between the devices and the typical converted DVB-T tuner, which can also be purchased there at a much lower price.

    Of course, you can see that dedicated devices are better equipped: a converter, switches, double aerial sockets of another type. As for the insides I do not speak, but maybe some colleague undressed the above devices and could share knowledge.
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    I would not wonder what is inside, what factory is factory
    browsing websites - radio qrz- is similar radio IC-PCR1000 iTecsun PL 660 shocking prices resp. SD-era

    Added after 1 [hour] 29 [minutes]:

    Enter the Translator in your browser, and translate these links to SDR Translator
    for Polish I have Mozilla Fi ... with Translator and in a few seconds the translator translates pages in different languages into Polish and not only
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    I also have a blue version and death screen I have never seen.
    I would rather look for a solution, because the "dzyndzel" itself works very well and I do not know if there is a point in putting cash on something that works practically the same.
    Yes, it happened that something happened twice. How is it in life ...

    Well, customs officers can still charge you, but that's another matter.
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    Indeed, after the time that has elapsed since the device was turned on, I have not detected any more bsodes. Occasionally, 'pendants'. It is not burdensome as it also stems from my lack of skills in using the software.

    I asked the questions from # 1 and maybe I did not formulate it properly, because I was interested in the ability to listen to what, these devices mentioned by me guarantee in bands from 100kHz. So you do not need to buy a dongle for the dongle, and get an efficient and guaranteed device in a neat package with a very wide range of reception at a relatively low price.

    Another question is whether you can receive correctly in the range of 3kHz because such devices are offered, or will I not use these possibilities in home conditions?

    From what I know at prices such as those given in # 1 UC should not charge any fees.

    As of today, I am happy with the action of the blue dongle, and I still have a lot of exploration space, but if the devices with a larger range created many new interesting places to visit, I will gladly order now.
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    Hello, the topic is already aging but I will add something, making up the converter is nothing difficult or expensive, on the blue dongle I pick up Warsaw 1 and on short even stereo from the wire wired in the room.

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    to gdkj
    View on the 20m band. 14,000-14.350 KHz, if there is CW reception on USB or LSB in the band area 14,000 -14.070 MHz, At 14.230MHz on saturday / Sun give the SSTV mode. The program for receiving SSTV is in the goggles MixW 3 .... A collection CW Fldigi and commercial MULTIPSK

    Added after 3 [minutes]:

    Is Up Converter receives 14.000-14.350MHz band
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    I receive something here at 14.4MHZ

    Dedicated devices for SDR on RTL2832U + R820T2 vs DVB-T dongle conversion for t

    it disappears after removing the antenna for this comb appears

    Dedicated devices for SDR on RTL2832U + R820T2 vs DVB-T dongle conversion for t

    I assume that there are some interference laptop-mixer or external interference, for some time I could calmly listen to the PR1 225KHZ until recently barely breaks through the distortions. Sam dongle on 64MHZ does not show such a comb (my mixer = 50MHZ).
    Probably it will be difficult for me to pick something up on Saturday, but I will try :) Thanks for the info.
    What time to look for it? At the moment you can not see anything.

    The hairpin approx. 14.5MHZ visible always covered by noise when connecting the antenna, there are several pins in the 0-50MHZ band.
    I'm making a mix now for NE612 (SE612) with 50-100MHZ quartz.

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    In the 14,000 -14.070MHz range, set the CW to receive the Morse code *
    From Uncle Goo ... install Jack 2.5, it is a virtual input for receiving audio from all programs KF.jak Fldigi, MixW 2.19 to receive SSTV 14.230MHz Multipsk-all modulations, I am so wise on the part of Krzysztof Dħbrowski OE1KDA worth reading about any programs KF * worth *

    Added after 13 [minutes]:

    Why Jack 2.5 because you receive signals from KiwiSDR or WEB SDR, equating the reception with SDR up converter 1.7-30MHz

    Added after 39 [minutes]:

    On CW signals are in the range of 14,000-14.070MHz. SSTV 14.230MHz at different times Also a FAX signal is sent to map atmospheric conditions 3.855MHz at different times from Germany, the program for receiving FAX is JVCom32.de. Cool program is Orbitron to track amateur satellites only you need a trx band of 70cm / 2m. To run the transmitter in the satellite (Uplink-broadcast downlink-receive)
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    For Paloma BL ...
    The offer 3 is a kit with RTL 2832 T820U tuner
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    For some time now I have the impression that the sensitivity of my dong (less station) has dropped.
    Is it the charm of the blue dongle or maybe the impact of changing the weather?

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    You do not write about what stations or commercial FM 88-108 MHz or KF 1.8-30MHz or 70cm / 2m. Check the PC / Laptop hardware requirements for the dongle. On the dongle package, there should be a description of the PC / LAP hardware requirements ...
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    Of course, KF and medium which I like to listen to, but also in other areas as if it is not much, the VHF works but I do not know if it is worse here.
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    I would think seriously about the purchase because of the price, that is, first I would use this little blue and then jump out of the coins. But everything depends on the level of advancement and determination.
    There, in these devices is exactly the same, as it causes something with you BSOD is the same thing will do the device because there is the same chip and the same driver.
    What these devices give is the so-called upconverter. At low frequencies there are two options either the upconverter or the so-called direct sampling.
    The advantage of the integrated solution is better shielding of the metal box in relation to the plastic one.
    It is worth noting if there are protection diodes right behind the antenna input.
    The base and so the antenna that is in this set is suitable for rummaging in the ear.
    On this stock antenna, sdr was simply deaf.
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    Polemizing about receiving from the dongle, the best receiver is the antenna suitable for different frec. ANT switch. e.t.c.
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    Antenna is a wire a few meters, I calmly receive PR1 225 khz, medium and short (and there German DRM for about 7mhz), for some time is weaker, fewer stations and I wonder if it's a dongle problem or just at this time it can be.
    On the same without the converter, even on this short factory antenna I caught some signals in the air band (above FM) when I took the dong out of the parcel post and now practically silence.
    I have not changed any drivers, SDRSharp ver.14.
    Blue cuddle dongle from aliexpress popular and hence the question if others also had such a phenomenon. Maybe the sensitivity decreases after heating.
    The next up-converter is planned with a switch (relays + atmega) controlled under the second usb or additional hub but have to have time.