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TL-WR841N - Lan / wi-fi speed limit

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    Hello to all forum users!

    I use UPC services, 120 mbps internet.

    After the cable directly from the UPC router, the speed is about 100mb / s +, i.e. it is approx.
    The problem appeared when I installed the TP-link router (TL-WR841N) between the UPC router and the PC computer, which has "N" technology (300mbps)
    - Speed over the cable from the router Tp link is now max 32mb / s, and after wi-fi 21mb / s

    It looks like the TP Link router is limiting the speed considerably.
    I note that I configured tp-link automatically according to the manufacturer's instructions.
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    in tplink
    - disable the firewall
    - set WIFI channel width 40mhz.

    What is the download by cable / wifi now?

    But this tplink will have to be replaced with 1043 v3.

    If you connect without a router, the card in your computer shows 100mbs or 1gbs?
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    You need newer hardware with 1 Gb / s ports to be able to forward such traffic.
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    Bogiebog: After disabling the firewall and after changing the band to 40 unchanged - still via TP-Link 32mb / s via cable and 16mb / s via wi-fi

    Mbo: After connecting directly to the UPC Router, the card changes its parameters from 100mbps to 1gbps

    Like a 300mb / s router, the loss is three times, what can you do? Exchange for a router with a gig port?
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    WIFI spec 300mbs (MIMO two antennas in transmitter and receiver !!!) => in lab conditions = 150mbs
    WIFI spec 54mbs => under lab conditions of 22mbs

    that is, max transfer in lab conditions is half the specification of wifi mbs, additional restrictions are other networks and loss of interference.

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