[Solved] Huawei Honor 7 Lite - Inactive WiFi and BT after flooding the phone

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    Gentlemen and maybe Ladies, please advise if I am still able to do something with my friend's phone or whether I must give it back to him in the state to which I was able to bring him now. The whole situation is described below.

    Honor7 Lite phone (new from the salon) in the second week of use fell into a friend's toilet. He put it in his breast pocket and bent to pick up the board. Unfortunately, the pocket has not closed. Before he could pick him up, the phone lay in the water for half a minute.

    From what I know, it was about 2-3 days that he dried it and stubbornly tried to turn it on (unfortunately a basic error).

    When I found out about this phone, I advised him to send it directly to CCS to Piaseczno straight away, because either there is a chance that the markers would not discolor it and they will make it, or they will issue a tolerable amount for repair. After all, the phone was under warranty and it was a shame to immediately disassemble it yourself. Unfortunately, after opening the site they immediately found flooding and unprofitable repair.

    So the phone came to me as a potential corpse.
    On a good day the fingerprint reader did not work, charging ended at 2% and could not continue to pull and the display turned off during operation and had problems turning it on again after clicking the power button.
    After opening, I saw corrosion and other deposits on about 8-9 joints and components. I cleaned everything about 3-4 times in various combinations, using Kontakt preparations (61, WL, S, U), isopropanol, distilled water + brush. After all these treatments I managed to get rid of all visible (I pulled the screens) corrosion and brought back to life everything that did not work previously. I am aware that corrosion may come back over time, but the owner of the handset has been warned about this.

    When testing everything for sure, it turned out that WiFi and BT did not work (gsm is working properly, I haven't checked the GPS yet).
    The WiFi and BT icons are as if inactive. Like both can be clicked, but everything remains inactive. Gray all the time.

    I read in the forum about the damage of this module, but I would like to exclude other things for now. I haven't thrown the disc into the ultrasonic cleaner yet. I am afraid for microphones, although I have already read here how to secure them. Is there any point in taking an ultrasound bath at IPA?
    Or maybe something needs to be warmed up? What element on the board is responsible for wifi bt in Huawei phones. I have not found service lines for Honor7 Lite (European equivalent of Honor 5c), but I suppose that in most Huawei it can be the same element.

    I am not a serviceman, I just often exchange displays of my friends with work displays or other components in small electronics at the cost of the material, as a hobby and not earning money, but I have already written about it here once.

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    Personally, I would bathe my phone in ultrasound. How do you secure the microphones?
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    But shouldn't this module come alive for so long after so many baths / rinses? I am asking because at the moment everything in the phone works except WiFi and BT (I will check the GPS in a moment) and I am wondering whether to risk the current functionality in favor of the uncertain success of washing in ultrasound, and even quite likely damage to the microphones.

    I did not write that I secure the microphones, only that I read about it here on the forum. I don't know if it works, but people wrote about covering the microphone hole with foil and pouring the whole (up to the disc) with glue gun or paraffin. Apparently it works, or maybe they were just lucky.
    I just checked the GPS. It works.
    The final matter is that all icons on the panel (except WiFi and BT) are active and clicking on them causes some action (opening the next window with options, or activating the "service"). In the case of the other 2, clicking on them doesn't give anything (they don't even light up) and only holding them down for a long time allows you to enter their options, but they are also inactive.
    Is it possible that mechanical damage (flooding) causes symptoms like a bug in a software? Oh, I have already done a factory reset and of course no changes.
    I'm still thinking about uploading the software again, but I don't know if it can give anything.
    The basic question is, can flooding give such symptoms? Can damage to the WiFi / BT module have the same effect as on my menu?
    I made an update to the latest software version. Unfortunately, these two icons are still inactive. The MAC address of the WiFi card is visible in the phone information.

    Is it worth risking an ultrasound bath or watering and heating? Can it replace any element?
    I am asking for any suggestions.
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    Please indicate the element responsible for WiFi and BT.

    Huawei Honor 7 Lite - Inactive WiFi and BT after flooding the phone
    Huawei Honor 7 Lite - Inactive WiFi and BT after flooding the phone
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    Have you revived WiFi and BT? Unfortunately, my wife fell into the bowl with Huawei P9 Lite detergent. Quickly spread and dried. I did not wash in the bathtub, because it did not look like it was necessary (the phone was in a tight protective case, and it seemed practically dry inside). Unfortunately, the symptoms are the same as yours. Everything works except BT and WiFi (probably the same system and antenna). I couldn't locate the pcb antenna, so I don't know where to look for this module. One coaxial cable is connected to the motherboard, but it's probably a GSM antenna.
    I am interested in whether you managed to do something about it?
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    Unfortunately, but I gave my friend a phone with these functions not working. Then it turned out that the GPS also does not work (only the icon lights up). Fortunately, it's a dual sim, so it's cheap with Aero2 and not via WiFi.
    All the time I search photos and diagrams on the internet to find this layout. In China, one (apparently) to Honor 7) was found, but I did not locate anything on the disc.
    Now I got LG k10 bathed in the bathtub. But I'll put a separate thread about it.
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    I was able to find Chinese service manuals for two Huawei G9 variants (one on Kirin and the other on Snapdragon). In the second one there is a scheme from Qualcomm and it turns out that one AFE supports GPS, BT, WiFi and FM Radio. I suspect that in the version with Kirn it is solved the same. I checked and it's all there in my P9 Lite.
    The GSM antenna is on the PCB, because after disconnecting the coaxial cable the signal is just as strong as with the cable. I suspect that the antenna for WiFi and BT is either on a board with a USB socket or on this plastic with a speaker. I hope that if something shorted it in this area, because if AFE burned, there is no chance to get it (Hisilicon Hi1102). AFE to P8 is bundled with Chinese people, and I have not found it anywhere.
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    I bought a castaway with gutters on OLX and put together two functional.