[Solved] Ariston LFF8M121C - shows error F03

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    Hello, I have a question as in the subject, the dishwasher shows error F03 and therefore I took NTC for measurement. The resistance value is 950K at 17 C. Is it new or damaged with such resistance?
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    bubu64 wrote:
    error f03

    This is the time that water has been poured out.
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    Bajzel with this Ariston, in my error codes F03 is an NTC error or heater.
    I found something like this for dishwashers with display:
    A03 - Short circuit on thermistor or Time-out drain. Check out the problem persists.
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    It is true that the drain pump was working and the water was pumped out, but there was a toothpick in the pump chamber that interfered with the pump. Problem solved, thanks for paying attention to the problem of proper pump operation :)