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Laguna II - Where can I find + 12V after ignition in the engine compartment (for

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    Hello. As in the topic, where in the engine compartment I will find + 12V after ignition? So that you can use them to power the LED daytime running lights. Maybe someone has already installed in such a car and will give details where to look? I must admit that I would prefer to avoid unnecessary digging, so I ask. By the way, it would be nice to create such a topic, where you could share such information, e.g. where and what to connect when connecting daytime running lights in a specific car model? The topic of daytime running lights is becoming more and more popular, it would create a separate topic that could be helpful for many. Regards.
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    When I am at home I will see how I connected it because I don't remember. Associates with a relay in parallel and the shutdown normally for the parking line.
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    Usually there is a plus after the ignition switch on the reverse gear sensor.
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    I took the power supply from fuse No. 2, ground from the battery clamp and signal from the parking line.
    Laguna II - Where can I find + 12V after ignition in the engine compartment (for
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    .... and thank you very much, briefly and to the point. The topic could be opened so far, maybe someone will be interested in the second part of the first post. Thank you again .
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    Effective and almost universal way (because easy access to cables)

    Minus - with a clamp or a convenient screw on the body
    + ACC - "excitation" cable on the alternator (it works in every car)
    + from parking - in Lagoon 2 it is convenient on the plug near the battery. Plug attached to the battery base.
    Viewed from the front of the vehicle - the first column of cables on the right, the third wire from the top.

    Check with meter.

    What gives + ACC from an alternator?
    After inserting the card lightly you have the radio on etc.
    After inserting the card fully, you have all kinds of active functions, you do not harm the anglers with light
    After starting the car, + appears and lights up daily.

    And this "cable" usually has easy access.

    Good luck