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Programming the Mazda 2 DY 2003 key

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    Hello to all specialists
    I have a key like the picture below:


    I am looking for a methodology for programming this key under the model in the subject.
    I tried to program it, but unfortunately the instructions given in this forum and others do not work, because they are for a different car model, in some instructions for this model already had to be used to enter the programming mode button that was not in the car: /
    In the title there is the full name of the car (given by my friend whom this pilot is trying to program) and it seems to me that "DY" gives this difference in key programming in previous ways

    I attach a video from the inside of the car to see the arrangement of the buttons on the door frames and the like (to verify if someone can already program this car and recognize the interior)


    I apologize in advance for any mistakes but I did everything on the phone
    Greetings Bartosz
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    Did you deal with the topic ..?
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    Unfortunately no, other forums only advertise websites doing this.