Skoda Octavia II - MOBI-TECH remote control coding instructions

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    Hello all.
    I am looking for a step-by-step instruction / detailed description on how to add / code a new remote control for the MOBI-TECH alarm.
    Currently I have two remote controls, one is not working and the other is in a deplorable state and I will be without any day.
    Skoda Octavia II - MOBI-TECH remote control coding instructions

    Alternatively, can someone give me a hint if I can put another one in place of this alarm, but so that I do not have to change the wiring completely? Is there any replacement that almost 100% matches?
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    I once got it at a Skoda Dealership.
    Instructions for coding the car alarm remote control:

    1. Disarm the auto alarm
    2. Press and hold the service button until you hear a beep.
    3. Repeat point 2
    4. Turn the car ignition on, then turn the ignition off and remove the key from the ignition
    5. Point 4 should be carried out four times, but do not turn off the ignition in 4, but leave the key in the `` ignition '' position (When the ignition is switched on 4, the alarm will emit a sound signal).
    6. Press the service button briefly. - The alarm will be confirmed by an audible signal
    7. Press the service button 9 times
    8. After a moment, the LED should blink
    9. Repeat point 7
    10. Press the button of the alarm remote that you want to code
    11. The LED will confirm the encoding by blinking.
    12. Turn the car ignition off
    13. Repeat point 2 twice.

    The pilot should be coded at this time. If you are coding the 2nd remote control, repeat the whole operation with the other remote control.
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    But .... When programming a new remote control should I press only one button? You do not need to program which button opens and which closes?
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    You teach a pilot, the alarm should know what to do.
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    I have confirmed the above procedure by receiving it directly from the manufacturer ;-)
    I enclose for posterity.
    Everything went smoothly, and for PLN 65 I can possibly buy a new remote control.
    I close the topic.
    Skoda Octavia II - MOBI-TECH remote control coding instructions