Sliding gate without counterweight

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    Hello. Due to the fact that I have little space I became interested in a sliding gate without a counterweight, I found cool solutions. Anyone have, tested it? I would like to see how this rail is built. Do you have any info? manufacturer's website?
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    Quite an interesting solution, it also plans a sliding bracket at home and I have not too much room for a counterbalance, I wonder how it comes out in price compared to a standard solution.
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    From what companies assembling this invention comment on, for example, fb, this roll in people works. But I can not find the mechanism itself.
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    You would have to ask in stores where they sell gate drives, sometimes I met in shops with cabinets in which there were demonstrations of various drives with the possibility of suspicion of how it works, but I have not encountered such an invention yet.
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    An ingenious solution but there is a lot of bending force, although the aluminum gate has a lower mass than steel.
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    Works on film, because new and probably aluminum gate. We will talk after the first winter, and snow with the content of salt.
    In real terms, it is advisable to install a normal gate with rollers and a guide from, for example, the angle bar mounted with arms down on a solid 40x60 profile in the ground.
    For this, under the angle bar, we pull the heating cable, switched on for a few minutes after each gate cycle + thermostat on below, eg 0 C. It could be useful. manual in case of snowless winter.
    I have such a gate under the care and I have been working for BX strong for 10 years.
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    Does anyone have such a gate and can comment?

    Or maybe someone can recommend a performer who has experience with this?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Zbigniew 400
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    Just that someone hangs at the end of the gate and there will be problems.
    Huge mechanical loads.
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    Gates are not hanging, especially on the move.
    The enclosed one is supported in the same way as the one with counterweight.
    Huge mechanical loads.

    They depend on the length, weight of the gate and roller spacing.
    There is a double system here and the whole is matched to the dimensions and weight of the span.
    I am more afraid of charging the wallet - a new dual system is probably expensive.
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    I will ask the question why only the mechanism is shown and not the whole gate?
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    Because they boast about the mechanism, the gate is a matter of taste.
    Instead they showed flip-flops. :P And the drive is not :(

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    For those interested, the company from this system is ceta.at