How to record music on a radio disc

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    Hello, I would like to record songs on a CD-R so that the car radio can play it. In the manual I read that my radio can play mp3, (I think my English is not the best :D ) the radio is kenwood KDC-5021.
    If I write, e.g. 70 songs as normal mp3, will the radio play it? What is the best way to record this?

    Below is a screen shot from the manual page.

    Best regards and thanks in advance for your help; D
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    If the radio plays mp3, then to burn a disc you have to burn it from your computer with a recording program. Free to download are also on the net. Of course, 700mb cd-r, you open sessions as data and upload mp3 and burn.
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    The radio reads mp3 without any problems.
    What is the best way to record this?

    What is your system in your computer? Like W7 or newer, in the file explorer you have the top option in the bar, record option
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    I counted on that answer :D Thank you very much for your help, best regards; D