Common antenna how to check the signal

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    Then it remains to apply for permission to mount it on the roof.
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    Hello, a small update, today having some free time, I came up with the idea to look for a higher vantage point from which I will know the block :) to my surprise it was possible on the roof to see a satellite dish next to a DVB-T antenna and an antenna as long as a stick, probably from the radio.
    So the question arises if in the case of these sockets that I have at home, i.e. with two inputs, how do I put this antenna end into the wall socket and at the other end put on the F connector and the screws for the decoder has a chance to work?

    Is it possible to have SAT and DVB-T on one cable?

    Edit -

    but probably it is possible because that is what adders / crossovers are used for?

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    If you don't have a sat socket, it won't work. You have to ask the administrator.
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    Good, another update, I have a junction box in the closet, there is an installation from orange (fiber optic switch on RJ45 to sockets in the rooms) and you can see that from the cage one antenna cable goes, split into 2 cables for two sockets in the rooms, and exactly the same model as in this link https://hollex.pl/rozgaleznik-signal-tvsat-rsat-2-p-153.html, it looks like DVB-T expansion to me, since I have only underwater sockets in the rooms. Are my suspicions correct?

    Now, another trace in this entire installation box at the bottom left is a connector for connecting the F terminal, i.e. a typical SAT socket in which we screw the cable. Here is a photo of the box on which you can see this link http://ifotos.pl/z/qwpqanp. Since the developer is required to provide the SAT / DVB-T / Radio and Swiatlowodu signal, is it only required to bring it to this collective box in the hall?

    In two rooms I have two TV / Radio sockets and RJ45 to connect, and in the whole block Orange is announced as fiber optic, do I suppose that the rest of the installations in the house from the main one in the boxes in the hall have been distributed by Orange at his expense so that people choose their internet and TV via IPTV so as not to drag SAT cables anymore?

    If I connect the SAT cable to the main box on the bottom left, is it possible that this is the satellite signal that is mandatory in new construction?

    I'm sorry for the spelling but I stuck the post on my smartphone when I came back from work

    Edit: at 23:00
    I unscrewed this box http://ifotos.pl/z/qwpqanp and more precisely the lower part, where the SAT connector is and the cable is connected to the bottom, so I conclude that there is a SAT signal, tomorrow I will connect it for a short time when it works, I will try to convert the installation to it had SAT and DVB-T in the sockets and this is probably possible.

    Please answer my questions above, I would like to make sure that I have figured it out correctly.