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Linde H30 forklift - error L222, L236

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    I have a problem with the Linde H30 forklift
    L222, 236 errors appear.
    Is it the joystick's fault? This only happens on the joystick from tilt.
    The contacts have already been cleaned with a spray contact.
    Please help
    Linde H30 forklift - error L222, L236 Linde H30 forklift - error L222, L236
  • Level 11  
    There can be several reasons for these errors. Usually the X or Y axis potentiometers in the joystick fall (worn resistive path or its corrosion), the defect is rather irreparable, the entire joystick should be replaced, the spray contact will not help much. The cause may also be wear of the mast tilt sensor, as well as damage to the control cables of the above-mentioned parts. To make sure that the joystick is at fault, you can swap the joysticks.
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    Thank you for your answer.
    Today we will replace the plugs, I will add that error 231 pops up. We noticed that when it is raining or it is damp, the error appears more often.

    Added after 5 [hours] 57 [minutes]:

    The plugs do not match to be swapped.

    There were rehearsals as in the movie, but they also did not help, errors L222 - L231 pop up.

    Please help
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    We replaced it with a new joystick and that's it.
    best regards