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Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor

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    For some time I have been struggling with the problem of water on the driver's floor in the Corsa C 1.0 2001 year.
    I read many topics related to this problem, unfortunately none of my problems solved.
    A leak appears every time it rains, even when the car is stationary. Every time you hit a car that is outside the garage in the rain after the rain, I check with my hand all around to see if any drops are hanging. Unfortunately, everything is dry except for the central part of the driver's floor.

    Until now, I replaced the seals associated with the computer box (gasket to the interior of the car and the cover itself), additionally sealed nearby other possible places of leakage to the interior of the car ... the mask cable, etc., when disassembling the entire lining, including the sponges, to dry them prophylactically sealed in addition, in the interior of the car steering column covers. After these treatments, the corsa is still leaking. When dismantling the interior, I did not notice any potential leakage point. Corsa is 100% healthy, has no signs of corrosion. Seals and sheet metal maintenance look as if they have not been moved again.

    I'm trying to disassemble the interior again, tear it all out of the hose and observe from the inside whether this particular place will appear. Today, corsa revealed one of the details that may contribute to the solution.
    For the last two days, Corsa has been standing in the rain for reasons beyond my control .. unfortunately, the scenario has repeated itself. I put her in the garage yesterday. Today, leaving the garage (departure inclined) I noticed that something was pouring from under the car. After examination, it turned out that the water was pouring from the holes from the stringer.

    I need some tips on what I could pay more attention to until I test the "waterfall". The car is really well-kept. There are no holes, "Janusz" repairs etc. that I could tear up and the water is pouring. I miss the idea.

    best regards
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    I also had such a problem once. I was dripping from the windshield gasket. Check this eventuality. It can also be from the cooling system. Fluid does not decrease?
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    No cooling system, no loss of fluid. The problem only occurs when it rains. The worst thing is that an hour of rain is not enough. It looks like water is slowly gathering somewhere. As I mentioned when leaving the inclined driveway, water poured out of the stringer. Just in case, I checked the patency of the drainage channels after the glass. Everything is clear. Water escapes with this flap in the engine compartment. Maybe water escaping from this flap finds somewhere access to the interior within the upper part of the side member ???
    Waiting for some warmer days to do a confirmation test. Thanks for the tip. I will also look at this part of the car.
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    Is the windshield original or has it ever been replaced? I had a similar problem, although in the scenic, but also after rains, water poured on my feet on a slope or on a more violent start.
    Only after some time it was possible to locate the place of water leaking inside and it was along the glass. Simply, the pulp who exchanged this glass did not evenly distribute the glue and the water between the glue flew and was located in the air vents on the legs and floor.
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    There is progress in the matter. I dismantled the entire driver floor covering again. One and a half hours of sprinkling water on the car and leakage visible in the picture. Between the partition and this black element there is a space thanks to which it is possible to determine on which section it is wet. I felt that the leakage of water is at the height of the screw shown in the picture.

    Do you have any ideas on how to go about making the replacement of the seal relatively simple? I looked at the car from above and below and unfortunately I do not see the place where this element could be screwed as it is for example from a fuse box under the glass.

    I am sending photos of the leakage area.

    (The steering column rusty from the moisture that it absorbs with the sponge covering the column - It is not in the picture, so please do not suggest that it is leaking with the column)

    Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor Corsa C 1.0 2001 - Wet floor
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    mario 77
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    To remove sheet metal under the servo in the bulkhead wall and re-assembly with silicone or glass adhesive.
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    The question is how to disassemble this plate? Where to start? Do you see where the metal sheet is screwed on from the outside pictures that I sent?

    Added after 10 [hours] 19 [minutes]:

    I dismantled the entire pit to get to the above sheet. The entire sealing around the serva looked good so I didn't turn it on. I tightened all the screws of the plate that were not particularly tightened ... I think tightening should solve the problem. In addition, I sealed the entire joint around the outside of the car with automotive silicone to seal the engines. I submit the car and wait for the first rain. I recommend that everyone looking for a solution to a similar problem start by dismantling the interior and carrying out a water spray test.

    At the moment I consider the topic closed. Thank you and best regards.
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    The problem has returned since the above post. I see no other option than dismantling the entire pit, all servas, inlets and other duplexes, cleaning perfectly dry and folding on original seals so that this is not just an immediate solution to the problem.

    I haven't checked yet where it is leaking again but previously it was leaking from the servo bulkhead.

    Thank you all for your help.
    I close the topic.
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    So after repeated observations, each flooding starts from the same place, i.e. around the brake pedal. Seems like the cause of the flooding is the servo septum seal. In the coming days, I intend to dismantle the partition elements and finally repair the cause of flooding.

    The video I found on the web will help:


    He is English but the principle is the same.
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    has anyone observed (heard) in their Corsa C (2001) the sound of water overflowing located in the vicinity of the pit?
    After heavy rains in the car, my left leg was flooded. According to the advice from the forum, drains in the pit cleared, the gasket in the fuse box also replaced. Nothing is leaking so far, but when braking and starting, you can clearly hear the sound of water overflowing (a moving aquarium) in the pit area.
    The mechanic claims that there is no water anywhere - nothing drips.
    So the question is, is there a place where this water could get stuck?
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    Disassembling everything as in my last message, I did not notice such places. just didn't make it to the heater ... maybe something is going on there. Coolant is not decreasing? As for leaks, I have no problem with that anymore. Sealing the serva solved the problem. Nothing has happened for 2 years.

    best regards