Nissan qashqai 2014 J11 - What to cut off so that the error does not pop up and

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    As the topic.
    Nissan qashqai J11 1.6 diesel start / stop system, i.e. without a manual key.
    The car has a factory alarm installed.
    I would like to install an additional secret switch after switching which would not be able to start the vehicle, but I would not want to generate errors.
    Does anyone have any idea - what to cut off?
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    Probably the fastest and easiest way to disconnect the starter with an additional relay and a hidden switch. There should be no mistakes you just have to remember to switch on while using the car and disconnect after leaving the car (although it would also do it automatically). Or look for some additional system dedicated to the car.


    PS. although no security is 100%, it only delays this moment :)
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    Thanks for the answer.
    That's the point to make it difficult / delayed.
    My best patent on the audi 80 was the S fuse on the main battery cable in the glove compartment and this thwarted 3 attempts.
    In this case, this trick will not pass.

    Maybe someone else has an idea, I ask for more.
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    Locate the fuel pump line and cut it off.
    The error should not pop up, because the lack of pressure in the fuel line can be caused by a lack of fuel.
    But I can not guarantee that the pump circuit is not monitored for current consumption.
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    tomislavB wrote:
    what cut off

    eg gray cable in the "ignition" module, brown cable in the white (10pin) connector of the fuse box, clutch pedal sensor or automatic brake sensor, etc ...