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[Solved] Peugeot 307 - Low battery voltage peugeot 307 2.0 hdi 136 hp 2006

fafik86_86 3897 11
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    Hello, I have a problem with my car. One day I left it in front of my block and in the morning it didn't want to start anymore. After connecting the computer, it showed low battery voltage. The battery is half a year old. But I connected them to charging. After unplugging, it has a voltage of 12.4 V, and the error still does not want to be cleared and the car does not start.
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    Dziarski Hank
    Level 30  
    Come on, you really don't know / see what's going on?
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    Just not. :) Maybe my friend will give me an idea.
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    Does it spin at all? If not, find the "thief of electricity" and charge or unfortunately just replace the battery.
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    I will check the current consumption, but it seems to me that after charging it would fire for a while. I checked the masses near the ankle motor in the cabin also checked. It looks as if the ECU is not getting or getting too little electricity.

    Added after 1 [minutes]:

    Previously, I also had a similar case, only that I unplugged the acu and charged it and it was ok.
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    Strumien swiadomosci swia
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    fafik86_86 wrote:
    After unplugging, it has a voltage of 12.4 V

    And what is the voltage at the time of landing?
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    has it taken out of the car and has 12.7 on the charger
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    Strumien swiadomosci swia
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    How the rectifier tops up to 14.5v then disconnect and smoke.
    This may take several hours.
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    So scrap rectifier. Good idea with computer voltage checking. :) Charge the battery and then check the charging voltage and the rest current consumption with the meter when it starts. Post the results on the forum.
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    Ok. I will let you know how it will be. :)

    Added after 4 [hours] 25 [minutes]:

    Aku 14.5V I connect to the car and the lime. still does not fire errors which are 1169 P0562 and P1352

    Added after 32 [minutes]:

    Measurement of current consumption while stationary.
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    You can see you have an electricity thief. Remove the fuses one by one and check on the meter. You will locate in what circuit. You have to look in detail later. :|

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    Replacing the engine controller.