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Hp pavilion x2 crashed after discharging the battery

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    Hello, I have hp pavilion x2 the problem with it is that if it discharges and I want to connect it, it does not charge but the charging diode flashes when I turn it on, the charging battery appears on the monitor and after a while goes out once it hung and my husband managed to restore it but can't remember what it was doing maybe someone knows how to reset it? Oh, the battery is built in so I won't do anything here probably some combination of buttons but we can not find anything on the subject on the net. Certainly squeezing start then esc do not work. Someone will help or waiting for me service? ?
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    Based on this forum:
    https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Windows/HP-Pavi...-will-won-t-never-turn-on-again/td-p/4837647/ page / 2
    Service tip - I suggest starting with it:
    "1. Make sure your HP Pavilion X2 connected to power source (Adapter) and attached with the keyboard
    2. Then, hold POWER BUTTON for 20 seconds.
    3. After that, unplug / remove a power source (Adapter) and the keyboard from your HP Pavilion X2.
    4. Wait for 20 Seconds.
    5. Okay, now put the keyboard back and plug a power source
    6. Then press the POWER BUTTON. "

    "1. Make sure the laptop is connected to the power supply and keyboard.
    2. Press the POWER button for 20 seconds.
    3. After this time, disconnect the power supply and keyboard.
    4. Wait 20 seconds.
    5. Reconnect the keyboard and power supply.
    6. Press the POWER button.

    Other tips from this forum - summary:
    (1) Do not allow the battery to discharge below 10%, the battery has a weak protection system and it causes problems with charging an empty battery,
    (2) Plug into the power supply and give time even all night, said battery protection system may surprise and will allow you to charge the battery,
    (3) As for turning on, they give two different tips - try repeatedly to press the "start" button for about 5 seconds, and the second tip is to wait until the battery charges.
    If the laptop is under warranty, they advise you to advertise it because the problem described is a factory defect.
    They also wrote in the forum that you can't see that the battery is charging (but is charging) and that you can start your laptop only when the battery has at least 3% charge.
    And if everything fails, disconnect the battery (you need to unscrew the housing if the battery is built-in), wait a moment and reconnect. Many users then turned on the laptop (unscrew the cover, peel off the black tape, disconnect the battery, reconnect the battery, stick the tape back, screw the cover.
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    This start did not work. There is a key combination that you press and you can start the laptop. Who will help find these combinations? !! I need to run it to dump photos then I'll have it repaired but I'm afraid that if it is on the site, all photos will be lost :cry:
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    It seems that a certain part of the battery has a defect. After replacing the battery, which according to the measurements was charged, the laptop works normally. Damaged battery after heating the electronics. It also started to work normally. To sum up, the faulty electronics of the battery.