HP Probook 430 g2 - Does not detect and does not charge the battery, but works o

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    I have a problem with the HP Probook 430 g2 laptop which does not see the battery at all, although it is new and functional. It was tested in another laptop.
    The motherboard is LA-B171P
    The laptop does not charge and does not detect the battery, the bios does not detect it either, but when I charge it in another laptop, it works normally until it discharges. The BQ736 charging system mentioned does not change anything, the mosfets are not punctured. over KBC MEC1322-NU is it responsible for recognizing and charging the battery? Unfortunately, there is no diagram anywhere on what legs in kbc should be voltage so that the laptop can see and charge the battery. Please help
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    Service technician RTV
    Original power supply, not damaged.

    As for bq736, see page 40 (wistron_2012_s-series_richie) Link
    And from this forum Link
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    Measurement without batteries from the left
    1- 0v (mass)
    2- 3.30v
    3- 0v
    4- 3.38v
    5- 2.69v
    Measurements with a connected battery
    1- 0v
    2- 0v
    3- 0v
    4- 3.31v
    5- 2.69v
    6- 2.22v
    I would like to add that if I put in a charged battery, the laptop does not turn on after pressing the power button, but it is enough to connect the charger literally for a second and unplug it, I can easily turn on the laptop from the button every time I knock, I will not remove the battery or the battery will not run out. and connecting the power supply, the orange light next to the power socket lights up for about 2 minutes and then starts blinking.
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    Service technician RTV
    :idea: Charger circuit bq736 (no datasheet) is almost the same as 725 (there is a datasheet) and there is e.g. a workflow in LA-B211P Link_ SM
    Also, only in this forum about bq725A
    Phrase: bq24725A Search on selected forums 68 results found (0.26 s)

    :idea: There is an SM available under Compal LA-B181P 2014 S-series (400series) REV 0.5 - HP Probook 450 G2, where:
    kbc is SMSC MEC1322-NU
    charger is based on bq736 and has the same pos. description on the board what in LA-B171
    HP Probook 430 g2 - Does not detect and does not charge the battery, but works o
    HP Probook 430 g2 - Does not detect and does not charge the battery, but works o HP Probook 430 g2 - Does not detect and does not charge the battery, but works o

    Now Col. you have everything on the tray, especially SMC ....
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    Thanks Lisek for your interest, although I can practically solder and solder all this, I still have a problem with these diagrams. How could you mark it on the diagram where exactly to look for voltages and what should be the cause of the failure? Thank you in advance
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    Can anyone help?
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    Measure the voltages on transistors PQ101 and PQ102.
    Measure the voltage on Pin 39 - of the SMSC 1322 (U17) system - the VOLTAGE_ADC signal.
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    on PQ101 and PQ102 voltage 19.56V
    and on the SMSC n39, the voltage is 1.37V
    Stani12 thanks a lot for your interest
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    PQ101 and PQ102 each have three electrodes: G, D, S. so there should be six measurements.
    If each is the same, check if there are short circuits.
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    mosfets are not pierced but measurements vary on G and so
    PQ101 G-5.74v D-19.53v S-19.53
    PQ102 G-24.4v D-19.53v S-19.53v
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    Measurements look correct. Charger is "pumping" and the voltage is correct on the G PQ102.
    Check if you have soldered the charger correctly. Check the transistors pq104,105,106.
    Check the voltage at pin 6 of the PU102 chip. PR115, PR119 resistors.
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    Charger (PU102) is definitely well soldered until I checked it under the microscope, at n6 2.61v
    PR15 and pr119 I can not locate is pr102 and pr110 which are working
    PQ104 G-2.25v D-19.54v S-2.25v
    PQ105 G-19.54v D-2.25v S-19.54v
    PQ106 G-0v D-2.25v S-0v
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    The voltage on pin 6 is correct.
    The voltage at the gates 104, 106, taking into account that the meter falsifies the measurement, because the waveforms should be there, the values should be similar anyway.
    When writing check, I meant checking for possible short circuits between all electrodes .. It is best to replace.
    A suspect for me is the measurement of 2.25V on the G and S PQ104.
    This voltage value (2.25V) on this converter can be present when the battery is not connected.
    Measurements taken with the battery?
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    no measurements taken without a battery that just ran out, I only took measurements on the power supply because I have the disc on the table
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    This 2.5V voltage on the inverter coil is correct if the battery is not connected. Charging measurements must be taken with the battery inserted.
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    ok thanks for the hint, I will plug the battery in a moment and take measurements again,

    Added after 28 [minutes]:

    to be honest, almost nothing has changed in the measurements with a connected battery and I would like to emphasize the battery is certainly functional and original as well as the original working power supply.
    So measurements with a connected battery.
    PQ104 g-2.20v d-19.52 s-2.20v

    PQ105 g-19.52v d-2.20v s-19.52v

    PQ106 g-0v d-2.20v s-0v

    Added after 1 [minutes]:

    I inserted a new charger twice, no changes, Battery not detectable and no charging
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    layouts replaced and still the same
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    Measure the voltage on the 5 pin of the chsrger.

    Added after 2 [minutes]:

    Did you insert the same charger ?.

    Added after 11 [minutes]:

    Sorry, in installments, but despite the fact that you already have some measurements, make a summary of voltages on all charger pins with the battery and power supply connected.
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    5 pin charger 2.61v, yes I put the charger, the same as it was, I bought 2 for prophylactic treatment and the same symptoms on each

    Added after 35 [seconds]:

    I measured with the battery

    Added after 10 [minutes]:

    Thanks, my friend, that you help me and maybe we'll figure out what's going on.

    Added after 25 [minutes]:

    I measured all the charger's pins, only that at the moment the battery is fully charged at my friend's, in case I have another good original battery discharged and I can also measure it /
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    For now, all measurements would point to either the battery or the chsrger.
    You've ruled out these two things, so I'm still thinking about a bios or ec software glitch.
    Enough for today.
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    Service technician RTV
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    :idea: you have noticed that this bq736 is working in the configuration of the input keys. :
    1st key is P-ch / 2nd key is N-ch
    the power half (key) from Aku is P-ch
    Do not measure the voltage on the gates, you need an oscilloscope there (you have pulses there)

    You put the right and proper halves in PQ101 / 102 ...
    Below is another application from bq736
    The described symptom was similar and was to blame for PU4003, PU4002
    * I wrote HP PROBOOK 4370S RICHIE MB 2012 S_Series Richie 13.3Richie
    HP Probook 430 g2 - Does not detect and does not charge the battery, but works o

    BQ726 / 725 have a similar datasheet and sa =? "Bq736"
    - where 726 is NOT interchangeable with 736
    because when there is Aku and you connect the power supply .. the laptop will not work on the power supply (and there is no charging)

    :idea: In return, they send 736 >>> from China BQ737 ?!

    The role of the pin
    pin.10 (ILIM) as value and when time off landing
    Read about the role (Batt_Det and Batt_Temp.)
    kbc communicates with charger over CHARGER_CLK, CHARGER_DAT
    The role of MAIN_BAT_DET # (BAT_DET) and what will happen if you "connect" to GND.

    Take measurements
    pin. ___________ with power supply ______ power supply + Aku _________ Aku
    1 ACN
    2 ACP
    3 CMSRC
    4 ACDRV
    5 ACOK
    6 ACDET
    7 IOUT
    8.9, SDA SCL
    10 ILL
    11 BATDRV
    12 SRN
    13 SRP
    14 GND
    15 LODRV
    16 REGN
    17 BTST
    18 HIDRV
    19 PHASE
    20-19v VCC
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    Bios normally updated from the hp side, it uploaded without a problem, so I think ec is left. I don't know if it is programmable or not? Will I have to program it somewhere when I buy a new ec on a well-known portal or will I just solder it and it should be ok?
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    Lisek and a hint on which legs to check the NCB to see if it is operational or not.
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    And what is the ending with this album, because I have the same on the same platform?