[Solved] lenovo g50-45 - does not charge the battery, does not start on the power supply

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    Hello, I have a Lenovo g50-45 laptop (available for purchase). It runs on battery (it was 47 percent). However, when I plug in a 20v 3.25A power adapter, it doesn't charge it. Without a battery, it does not start. In the system, it shows that the power supply is charging it, but it only works on the battery and its indicator drops all the time. Unfortunately, I do not have a second power supply. The meter shows 20 volts. What could be damaged and whether it would be worth repairing. Thanks for your understanding and any answers.
    Model 50053 power supply 65W manufacturer nTec (Qoltec).
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    waldemas1 wrote:
    What could be damaged

    It has to be diagnosed and measured.
    waldemas1 wrote:
    will it be worth repairing.
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    What to Measure? Does this look like a malfunction inside the laptop?
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    Service technician RTV
    It can be a standard damage, e.g. Link
    * sometimes still bq737
    * or Link
    Remember this G50-45 series under AMD. (cpu: A4 and A6 artwork disc.)

    She was usually on the album: NM-A281 rev.1.0 and various weaker and better processors
    Power socket with pin (ID signal)
    - maybe a problem at NCB
    Please provide the full name or configuration of the laptop from the listing
    - e.g. what processor

    calculate and calculate
    - auction price + repair =?
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    lenovo g50-45
    model 80E3
    radeon R2 graphics
    AMD e1-6010 APU witch AMD Radeon r2 Graphics processor
    price PLN 200 (total)
    Fully functional on battery.
    It was enough for me to work on a cable (power supply) and nothing here.
    What is the cost of repair, plus or minus. (By eye)
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    waldemas1 wrote:
    What to Measure?

    Voltages, currents, other electronic components.
    waldemas1 wrote:
    Does this look like a malfunction inside the laptop?

    waldemas1 wrote:
    What is the cost of repair, plus or minus. (By eye)

    About 150.
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    Service technician RTV
    This model on the AMD E1-6010 (1.35GHz) from the 2014 is not a revelation.
    Description of the cpu Link
    In addition, the built-in graphics APU R2 is frequency. 350MHz
    DDR3 RAM memory L. is a 64-bit bus

    Loses in all tests with the i3-2310 (from 2011)

    Good for internet and YT.
    You won't play the 2014 games too much.
    On Linux, it's a bit faster!

    My advice
    - add a little $, look for something "polising" much better!
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    It's equipment for the Internet and work, and a movie.
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    It should work without a battery, have you checked the power supply with a 24V car bulb at least?