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Iveco Daily 35c18 2006r - Brake pad wear indicator

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    Hi, I have a light from the wear of brake pads, of course, the pads are in good condition, the sensors I checked with the meter are probably rather electrician I do not know where the wires from the sensors come from where it can be some ankle? but I do not know where to look for such a case
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    did you advise anything with the topic? I have a similar case, new blocks and the light is on.
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    I do not remember whether in the daily they used so but the abs guys were probably in one cable as the brake pad sensor and went together to the compa. As a result, there was a broken wire on the bend in the wheel liner. The cost of the road as hell. Can be used in the driver two cables and will not be it's sparkling, but it will not show when it's worn out.
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    citromaniak wrote:
    You can connect the two cables in the controller and it will not shine in the eye, but it will not show when worn out.

    And I think I will do it but I do not know if the pin on the driver did not damage as I removed the plug from the driver, some pins were stale and I still have to check the plug itself because it probably will be it but I will check

    Added after 1 [minutes]:

    jacekwwy wrote:
    abs sensors
    I do not have ABS here

    Added after 2 [minutes]:

    decybel91 wrote:
    did you advise anything with the topic? I have a similar case, new blocks and the light is on.

    As before it was exchanged, it was ok to check with the meter if there is a transition at the sensors themselves
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    Cables from the sensors start from the rear right wheel, rear left right front and left front. Meter in the handle and check if everything fits. Possibly fluid level or manual
  • Level 19  
    Problem solved :) Cause:
    -no connecting right front ankle next to the wheel (the meter I checked was ok but after inserting it in the plug did not connect well)
    - damaged wiring harness, left rear (exactly at the main beam itself)
    For now I have done it for a short time, but in my spare time I will do the same for the factory :)