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    Hello gentlemen...

    I would like to consult with JAMBOX fiber-optic television.
    In the near future ... the local company will connect fiber optics in my town. The offer includes internet-television-voip telephone
    I'm thinking about television. They offer JamBOX, it is a pity that the cheapest package costs PLN 39. : /
    What are your opinions? Pushing yourself into whether to stay in nc +? :)

    I have a Panasonic plasma.
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    Everything works great on fiber optics, but these prices are cosmic.
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    Well, it is a pity that the cheapest package is for PLN 39: /

    From what I read earlier ... People complain about their decoders very much
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    And what are their set-top boxes? They give me some Opticum.

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    makaronmc wrote:
    Well, it is a pity that the cheapest package is for PLN 39: /

    For those 39 PLN. tv and what net?

    LeDy wrote:
    They give me some Opticum.


    We WRO put up new blocks and FTTH for each apartment to the box above the door. Well, the twisted pair goes to the modem, D and modem to the tuner. A friend complains that he cuts, etc.

    They seem to stretch the optical fiber and the twisted pair and tuner into the router. There are several installation philosophies.
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    39 PLN is the cheapest TV package, the cheapest net in the 100/8 block 49 PLN, the cheapest one on the 30/3 wives 45 PLN.

    Optical fiber runs this router, from router to twisted pair to decoder, telephone cable to the telephone.

    From what I've talked to ... the television does not take the speed.

    The cheapest tel 10 PLN, probably 60 minutes for stationary.

    I do not know if the package is cheaper: /

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    Well, it's git and the prices are not exaggerated. The price is normal.
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    And what do you think about the entries that I read on the forums ... that the picture quality in JamBox is better than in satellite operators ???

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    Too many factors affect quality and can not be so directly stated.
    Someone calibrated the TV and checked on the same equipment? There were tests done on the same source material. It seems to me that this is probably only the subjective feelings of people.
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    I think so too ... after all, they send it to us ... only one optic fiber, and the other one via satellite: /

    With envy and disbelief ... I read entries on forums that in jambox have better image quality than the current satellite operator :)
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    I have been a user of jambox for over 1.5 years. When it comes to image quality, it is much better than the CP I had before. As for the installation, the optical fiber comes to the router and the tuner with the router is connected by twisted pair. The tuner that I use today is MAG255, before I had the MAG250 tuner that liked to hang. The reason for the suspension of the tuner was my tv with android, specifically sony kd-55x8509C. From the fitters of my internet provider I know that I was not the only customer of theirs who had a problem with android tv and jambox :-) but calming you from where I have tuner mag 255 end with hanging or 6 month I have peace, and the magician 250 could hang up 3 times a week. As for the price, I pay PLN 140 for the 80mb internet package and a multi-theme tv package + a package of cartoons + multiroom. All in all, down with the satellite and I live in the countryside.

    As for the quality of the picture, from what I found out, cp trims image quality to pay less. And there is something in it because as I still had a cp and jambox at home, they try to switch between the tuners, the picture was better on the same channel on the jambox than on the cp. When it comes to transfer, the tuner works normally when downloading
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    Where I worked ... we had MAG and Arris .. the old fitters usually recommended taking Arris ...

    I wonder how it is with the quality of Jambox vs. nc + ?? Personally, I have nc +
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    you can give the mag 250 to the jambox without jamming but wanted a look