The Logitech F710 pad cannot detect

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    Hello, I recently acquired a Logitech F710 raining everything was running until I installed Windows 8.1, when the driver is installed, it is detected and it is ok until I turn off the computer or switch the slider to Xinput then the diode blinks and does not detect it. Please help. Thank you in advance and best regards.
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    unfortunately it doesn't work

    Added after 5 [minutes]:

    works only if the slider is set to D and if you move to X it doesn't work
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    Hi! I found a way to connect it rains after reboot and all the time in Windows 10 as it should work. The way is simple. We download drivers for the pad from Logitech. We install the drivers but after unpacking them by the installer we do not finish the installation, we just go to C: \\ users \ username \ app data \ local \ temp \ and copy the folder pftDA73.tmp e.g. to the desktop. we enter the control panel -> system -> device manager and after connecting the pad we find 3 devices called logitech hid device / game device etc. usually in the HID or usb tab. we uninstall the drivers for them and select scan for hardware changes. We will then see at the beginning of the list 3 unknown devices and manually install them drivers from the 3 files contained in the pftDA73.tmp folder. If we see that there is an exclamation mark on the installed device, we choose another of the 3 drivers until we have all the devices in the HID tab without exclamation marks. Before each start of the game it is necessary to activate the pad by pressing any analog. Oh, the switch must be on "D". Greetings.

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    Select drivers from the \ pftDA73.tmp \ 2b-LGS-x64 \ Common64 \ Logitech \ WMDrivers \ folder

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    @pause Post adds nothing, the unpacking folder is different for everyone, anyway, what is the purpose of removing and installing the driver since the product installer did it?
    pause wrote:
    switch must be on "D".

    Have you read what the author wrote?
    Judzik wrote:
    works only if the slider is set to D and if you move to X it doesn't work