How to turn on AUX in the rear panel of the car radio

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    Hello 'I have a Pioneer DEH-P40MP radio and I have no idea how to start AUX despite the function available in the rear panel of the radio:
    How to turn on AUX in the rear panel of the car radio
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    Using the AUX source The device can control up to two auxiliary devices, such as a VCR or portable devices (sold separately). When connected, the auxiliary devices are automatically read as AUX sources and assigned to AUX1 or AUX2. The relationship between AUX1 and AUX2 sources is explained below.
    About the AUX connection method There are two methods for connecting auxiliary devices to this device.
    Cable with a mini stereo plug (AUX1) When connecting auxiliary devices using a mini cable with a stereo plug
    % Insert the stereo plug into the AUX input jack on this unit. For more information, see the installation instructions. The assignment of this auxiliary equipment is automatically set to AUX1.
    Intercom connector IP-BUS-RCA (AUX2) When connecting auxiliary devices using the IP-BUS-RCA interconnection (sold separately)
    % Use an IP-BUS-RCA interconnection such as CD-RB20 / CD-RB10 (sold separately) to connect the device to ancillary equipment equipped with an RCA output. For more information, please refer to the IP-BUS-RCA Interconnector user manual. # This type of connection can only be made if the auxiliary equipment has RCA outputs.
    Selecting AUX source as% source Press SOURCE to select the AUX source (AUX1 or AUX2). Press the SOURCE button until AUX appears on the display. # If the auxiliary setting is not enabled, you cannot select AUX. For more information, see Switching auxiliary settings on page 35.
    Setting the AUX title The title can be displayed for each AUX1 or AUX2 source.
    1 After selecting AUX source as the source, press and hold FUNCTION until TITLE IN appears on the display.
    2 Press a or b to choose the letter of the alphabet. Each press of the button will display the alphabet, numbers or symbols in ascending order (ABC ...). Each press of the b button will display the letters in descending order.
    3 Press d to move the cursor to the next character position. When the desired letters are displayed, press d to move the cursor to the next position, and then select the next letter. Press c to go backwards in the display.
    4 Move the cursor to the last position by pressing d after entering the title. After pressing the d button the longer entered title is saved.
    5 Press BAND to return to the playback screen.

    I don't understand any of this, I don't even have the SOURCE button. How do I do it? Please explain to me how you idiot would explain
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    poli007 wrote:
    I don't even have the SOURCE button
    So you didn't even read the instructions, because on page 7 the buttons are described.
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    If you haven't read it ... I know there is a Func button but if I press it or click it, it has neither AUX nor TITLE IN function

    "1 After selecting AUX source as the source, press and hold FUNCTION until TITLE IN appears on the display."

    I already did it before all the instructions that you sent to me because there was a similar topic on some other forum, but nothing happens when I hold it down

    Added after 25 [minutes]:

    Good homie thanks for the help but I came with the same
    It may be useful to someone
    It was enough to press the knob (volume changes) hold down for a moment to turn the radio off and after a while hold down again to turn it on (do not click just hold down the moments) such strange options will show up and just press the FUNC button search for AUX and give ON :)