Brother DCP-T500W WiFi is it worth buying or a cheaper alternative?

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    Hello everyone, I would like to ask for help / advice

    I wanted to buy a multifunction device for home, I read topics on forums and on the Internet, my attention was drawn to the Brother DCP-T500W WiFi printer
    I like the fact that it has containers for ink (no need to change it), it is enough to refill the ink and a full container is enough for 5000 pages (it will be useful because my wife prints a lot of photos) and it has wi-fi connectivity (now it's useful) only the price a bit large, around PLN 650

    And here are my questions whether it is a good household appliance, we print about 30 pages a week, unless there will be some photos of my wife, I am still interested in whether the printer via wi-fi sends scanned images to the computer or then you need to connect with a cable (apparently not all do) well if this one is actually too expensive, maybe you know some cheaper printers with similar parameters worth recommending ??

    I would be grateful for all helpful answers
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    Get Brother. Personally, I have been using the MFC-J825DW for 5 years. Great equipment, although more expensive than others, but in my opinion it is worth it.
    I already had a lot of printers and I have this one the longest and it doesn't make me none trouble. I forgot what cleaning the nozzles are, the combination with cheating the ink levels with hanging and other g ...
    The condition for keeping it in shape is like any inkjet printer, 24/24 on even though you are not using it.
    Yes Brother scans and sends via WiFi, there is an application installed with drivers.