Multifunction device with WiFi + cheap replacements

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    I am buying a new multifunctional device for the home. I do not care about miracles, but I do not want an old corpse :)
    The basic requirements are primarily WiFi (I do not have to run with a laptop to the cable) and a touch screen (although this is not the most important thing) and of course cheap replacements.

    I've searched and found some models that I'm interested in, so maybe I will be able to say something more about the following Brothers models. So far, on the wallpaper, I have these models:

    - Brother 4120DW - nice workmanship, cheap replacements, touch display, wifi
    - Brother J105 - the only plus is small size and cheap replacements

    However, I have heard that Brother likes to block replacements with new software, only that these printers are not the first freshness, then maybe it will not be such a problem with them. I was looking on the net people did not have problems with replacements, and Janas from allegro on auctions write that the replacement from 2017, which is valid for the next two years, or something, but how much in this truth I do not know.

    I looked at Canon, but despite cheap equipment, replacement cartridges come out quite expensive.
    I looked mainly at the Canon TS5050, but replacements cost about PLN 90, where in the Brothester it is barely PLN 40. Although I do not hide that I liked this Canon, slim, a lot of features, and a lot of good reviews.

    I will be grateful for your help and any comments and suggestions :)

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    From these two models, I would tend to J105, older brothers are better than their successors. It's such small home work oxen that can print thousands of pages. The problem with substitutes is that in the cheapest, there is almost 'colored water' that will slaughter the head expressively.

    Take a look at Epsony XP 600 or 700 series, 2 trays, a lot of features, eternal inks (a one-off larger expense) you can pour the ink that suits you, even the original one.